December 04, 2009



Things I love to be thankful for........

Lily's little butt sticking up in the air when she sleeps.

Molly's husky voice making baby noises.

My dad paying for the gas it takes me to get to his house for the holidays.

The look on Jaime's face when she asked how Noah got the whales on the ark.

Having Jake's friendly face at work in the summers.

Emma's fish face

Karen calling me when i'm late coming home just checking to see if I'm ok.

Having Karen for a sister.

Getting a good grade.

Moma's chicken and dumplings.

Moma making me chicken and dumplings for Thanksgiving dinner last year.

Eating those chicken and dumplings.

Until they were gone.
Sleeping long as Lily will let me.

Knowing that my pastor will always have my back.
Knowing that my mom will always love me.

Getting to see Jenny and Mik for Thanksgiving.

Hearing Hannah telling herself stories while she sits on the toilet.

Hearing Emma singing to herself while she sits on the toilet.

Leah always,always,always asking to be with me.

Lucy singing off key.

The girls putting on a dance for us.

Karen thinking that the ducks were the geese's babies.(they were all in a group, and the ducks are so much smaller, so it makes sense)

Getting notes from Hannah that say," Can I ride home with you? check yes or no."

All the people coming to Bible study these days.

Hearing someone say I love you, and knowing that it's true.

Emma's sparkley princess shoes.

Stay-at-home-with-a-book days....because it's raining.

Having all those brothers and sisters....and all the memories that come with them.

Really deep snow.

Very clean roads.

Swimming in the summer.

Knowing that someday I will learn how to swim without a life vest.

Getting a hug when I need one.

Friends, friends friends!

Hearing the sounds of voices, "BECAUSE I SAID SO", laughter,Uno Attack, crying, dishes clanging, the radio blaring out odessy, little girls giggling in bed, and "I love you".