March 29, 2010


I definately wouldn't make it as a handyman.

I hung a little picture in my kitchen.
It wasn't that difficult, but I kept hammering to hard and pushing the nails all the way up against the wall.
So now I have the picture hung....with two nails permanately stuck in the sheetrock.

I tried hanging curtains in the little room.
Never try screwing in big screws with a mini screwdriver, wait for a drill. After all, patience is a virtue.
I was stubborn and tried it.....and fell off the stool.....which was sitting on the bed....fortunately not impaling myself with the screwdriver.
It took me about an hour to screw in three screws, but it's done.
One side of the curtains are two inches lower than the other, but what the heck?!!
I have curtains.

Emma came over Saturday night with everyone else for Sherry's birthday.
And promptly stopped up my toilet.
I didn't have a plunger, but I bought one last night.
It was the only one at Walmart.
(Note to the wise; never buy a plunger at Walmart. They suck.)
I tried and tried to make it work, but the STUPID THING KEPT FOLDING UP ON ITS SELF and then the toilet would gurgle pathetically.
Fortunately, I have connections.
Brandi came by with some groceries (thank you guys!!!), and whipped it into submission.

*shrugging it off....*

I can make a mean strawberry/coconut trifle.
It. was. delectable.

Just had to brag a little