March 27, 2010

On my own

I moved out yesterday.
Karen had all my stuff packed up and ready to go when I came home from work (thanks by the way,Karen).
The dormitory no longer houses my bed....just Molly's crib and Lily's toddler bed.
My closet now holds tiny little pink dresses instead of jeans.


What will Lily do when she wakes up crying at night?
Who will tell her to shush?
Who will swat her butt when she tells them to shush right back?
Who will remember to sneak Bup to her in bed?
I'll even miss mopping the floors for Karen. On second I won't, but you get the idea.

I'm excited, I really am, but I'm homesick.
This place is new.
Not decorated.
No food yet.
One roll of toilet paper.
It doesn't smell like home yet.
And there's a cheese pizza in the fridge that's grossing me out.

The perks are:
One gallon of milk in the fridge.
More groceries are on their way this afternoon....courtesy of Jake and Jaime. Thank you guys so much.
Double Stuf Oreos on the counter.
Laundry soap sitting on the washer waiting to be used.
Slipcovers for my hideous couches.
A/C. Praise God.
Good, wonderful friends who helped me move in, and not be so lonely on my first night. You guys have no clue how glad I was that ya'll stayed so late.
And lets not forget that one roll of toilet paper. If you drop by, don't use the guest bathroom.....the one roll is in my bathroom.

Speaking of bathrooms, Jake took it upon himself to break in my bathroom. I don't have candles yet so that was kinda a bummer.

But, I am on my own.
Standing on my own two feet.
I almost feel adult-ish.
I mean,!

What you eat when you're on your own.

The guest room

My room

You guessed it....the kitchen

The most important part of the house

Laundry has this way of piling up

Right thru those sliding glass doors is my very on deck. It's 5x7....almost big enough for three people.

Leah made this hello sign for me. No, it does not say hell with an Easter egg at the end.

I'm gonna go throw out that cheese pizza now.