July 26, 2010


Karen, Tim, and all the girls are leaving for North Dakota in the morning. They'll be gone for a couple weeks or so.

I hate when they're gone....it's soooo quiet without Lily's non-stop gabbering.
Molly's super sonic speed, lightening fast crawling. Her cuddle bug ways.
Emma's princess drama.
Hannah's dimple. The one that's so annoying when you're trying to punish her.
Lucy's motherly monotone.
Leah's little-miss-grown-up-I-want-to-be-just-like-Aunt Sunny Jane attitude.
Karen's listening shoulder.
Tim's being there.
(Yes. I did move out. But I'm  still over there all the time. To the point where Tim asks me every time I come over, "Hey didn't you move out one time? Why are you back? Did I say you could come back?")

It's Tim's 20 year class reunion, hence the leaving me here all by my lonesome. One of his classmates said the reunion would be lame because everyone is still the same. Tim said, not so....he has cut his mullet off since then. That would make a life-changing difference in anyone, right?

I wish they would stay.

I really do.

*sniff, sniff...*

On the up side, Sherry is going with them so I'm staying at her house.
She has three things that I don't:  tv, internet, and real A/C (real, as in not a window unit).

Goodbye beloved family, hello modern technology.