October 30, 2010

this day

A grey, rainy day + Sitting in a chair for hours, reading a good book, with a cup of coffee = WONDERFUL!!!

I love a good book.
I love a hot cup of anything on a cold day.
And, I love Moma's new chairs. They're big, they're soft, and they recline.
What more can you ask for?

Know what else I love? Castle. It's kinda hard to find a show you can watch with your mother. I tried watching House with her, but they kept talking about....*cough, cough*....you know, s-e-x.
I was embarrassed, and had to hunt around for something better to watch, and found Castle.
It has everything...drama, comedy, good acting, chemistry, action. It's as clean as you can get on TV these days.
Best of all, I can watch it with Moma, and not have to tell her to cover her eyes, or plug her ears (How the tables have turned. That used to be her job).

I will not be held responsible for anyone who watches this show, and deems it unclean.
Watch at your own risk, please.

Ok, and one more thing.
I love Capri Suns. They have so many flavors to choose from too! I'll stand in the grocery store aisle for 20 minutes trying to decide on which flavor. Surfer Cooler is my fav so far.
I just wish they weren't such a risk to drink.
It's like the manufacturers wanted those things to be a challenge, or something.
Trying to get the straw unglued from the side is bad enough, but then trying to insert it is even worse. The straw always bends. What's up with that?
And then I have to remember not to squeeze the pouch.....
Nonetheless, I can down those things one right after the other.

I love this day.

October 29, 2010

i hate sewing

Why, oh why, did I decide to make a quilt?

I can't give up now, but I abhor sewing. I despise it. It infuriates me. How come it's so stinkin' hard just to sew a straight line?
This is where stubbornness kicks in. Grim die-hardism.
My frowny face is on.
I can't repeat the words that run randomly thru my head while I'm sitting at the sewing machine. (I also hate the sewing machine. Just for good measure. I also hate seamrippers, which is a pity since I have to use it so often.)

Sidenote: There's something about making a quilt that makes me feel like a grandma. Not that there's anything wrong with grandma's, but I'm only 26, for heaven's sakes. And to make it worse, it seems like everything, hobby-wise, that I've chosen to do these days is also grandma-ish.
Patricia asked me, So what've you been doing while you're at your Moma's?
And I replied, Oh, not much. Sewing on my quilt.....got the sky almost done on my fifty-five thousand billion piece puzzle.....pulled out the scrapbook I'm making for Moma's Christmas present.....getting in some light reading, while sitting in the rocking chair.....found some new grey hairs....

I mean, what's next???
Darning my socks?
Taking cholesterol medication?
Saving Ziploc baggies to make purses out of?
(I went to this really cool quilt shop with Moma, and there was this lady there who had a purse made out of plastic bags. She made it herself, and.......I FOUND MYSELF ADMIRING IT!!!)

Just to clarify: I love knitted things so if you happen to want to make me something knitted, please do. I will love you for it.


I will make this quilt if it kills me, aaaaand be complainingly, uber dramatic about it the whole time.

October 27, 2010

nine on wednesday

This was supposed to be Ten on Tuesday, but I forgot to finish it in time. And, besides, I couldn't think up ten things.
So it's more like Nine on Wednesday.
That's ok, right?

1) I'm homesick. I get homesick going to the grocery store across the street from my house, so you can imagine what being gone from home for several weeks is like. *sigh*  I think alot of money could be made by inventing a pill for homesickness.

2) I'm gullible. Someone told me once that she 'didn't want to be that girl...the one who believed everything she was told.' Well, I don't want to be that girl either, but....
One time, I ate my birthday streamers because someone told me they tasted good. And then tried eating them again (after gagging the first time) because the same person said,"No really! They're really good! Try it again, you must've gotten a bad spot."

3) I leave my studs on until June every year. I don't know why. The smart thing would be to take them off before it's illegal to still have them on. But, on the up side, my dad is having mine put on for me this year. Yay! I don't have to pay for it!

4) I hate sewing. I always have. But, for whatever reason I decided to make a quilt. Moma had all these old pieces of quilts, and lace my great-grandmother made, and fabric from all kinds of stuff that I'm using. So I'm making it, and it's turning out really cute so far, but I still hate sewing.

5) Karen is indescribably necessary to my happiness, and feelings of contentment right now. I love you, Karen.

6) Is it not stinkin' hilarious that when Moses asked Aaron what was going on in the camp, he answered back, "Well, I told them to break off their gold, and I threw it in the fire, and then, I don't know how, but out popped this golden calf!"
I had never seen that before, but I laughed and laughed over it the other day. What was he thinking? Didn't he realize how lame his excuse sounded?
Lily could've come up with something better than that!

7) Karen's girls have a pet praying mantis. Her name is Jessie. (Jessie's husband, Justin, died the other day. He hasn't had a funeral yet, he just lays in the bowl with Jessie...very dead.) Anyway, Karen just sent me a pic of Jessie perched on Emma's pencil....they're doing school together.
Sadly though, we think Jessie might also be dying....She's acting depressed. She won't eat her food. She just sniffs it, and licks it with her feelers. And she keeps falling down on her back like she's very old.
I'll keep you posted on Jessie's health:)

8) I'm reading the Percy Jackson books. The library didn't have the first two so I had to start with the third book. Since I always read the last page in a book anyway, I didn't think it mattered to skip that far ahead. I really like them! Anyway, I liked book three. I stayed up until midnight last night finishing it.

9)God is so much sweeter these days. I don't know what I would do without Him.

October 24, 2010


Emma needed more light so she put the lamp in the chair with her....
Then the lamp was too bright....
Enter the sunglasses....
Yeah, she's a bright one.

October 22, 2010

hope thou

"Because I love you, and I cannot stop."

Slowly, but surely.
Wounds mending by my Saviour's love.
His forgiveness helping my scars to fade.

I stand on the battlefield again.
But this time, I will hold my sword tight. I will not lay aside my armour.
I have felt the horror of the Deceiver's grip, I will not soon forget it.
I have seen the destruction caused by listening to his false promises.
I will not forget!

My sword in my hand, the Great Defender will stay me.
My armour on, my Defender will hold me up.
My scars remind me of what I am, of my small strength.
My scars remind me of my Saviour's mercy.

The fight is on, the battle is not over.
But sweet, blessed assurance....I do not fight this battle on my own!
My Defender is by my side!
The Lord is my strength, and my strong tower.
He will never leave me, nor forsake me.
I cannot lose with Him on my side.
Hope thou in the Lord, soldier.

The hills roll green, the battle cries are heard, the victory is nigh.
The Deceiver comes, thinking himself great, thinking himself the victor.
That roaring lion, who walketh about seeking whom he may devour, that terrible imposter.
A hush falls over the army.
The crowds wait.
Triumph crashes through my breast!
My Defender arises, the true Lion!
Weep not: behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed...!
The Enemy is no match for my Lord.
He cannot win. The victory is not his.
His defeat, his vanquishing is eternal.
The battlefield erupts,"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!"
Every knee bowed.
The Holy One is conqueror.

My knees are bowed in thankfulness.
Each day comes with new battles.
But, this I know, I am my Beloved's, and He is mine.
My Saviour, my Defender, my Deliverer.
His wonder never ceases.
His love for me never ends.

He is my hope.

October 20, 2010


These keep running thru my head lately, just bits and pieces.....

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength...

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusteth in him, and I am helped...

He restoreth my soul...

If God be for us, who can be against us?

He brought me up also out of an horrible pit.

As far as the east is from the west...

Neither do I condemn thee....

I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Peace be still.

Hope thou in God...

Bless the Lord, O my soul.

They might just be bits and pieces, but they're good ones.
Ones that stick with me.
Ones that say, "I AM here. No matter what, I AM here. You are Mine."

And I am glad.

October 17, 2010

hobos at the hoover's

We had a hobo party at the Hoover's on Saturday.
The hardest part about being a hobo was, for me, the fact that my clothes didn't match.
It bothered me that my pants were brown, and my hat was black, and my bandanna was yellow.
There was, however, a red pinstripe in my blue shirt which matched my red suspenders.
I used that fact to console myself when I lost every. single. game. that we played.
Oh, I lost the shopping cart race? No big deal.....my shirt and suspenders matched.
Lost the corn shucking race, and the log toss, and the pantyhose-with-a-softball-in-them-on-my-head-used-to-knock-over-water-jugs game?

It was a fun day.

I love this picture for some reason.
Heather and I tried very hard to make Bro. Hoover look like a hobo. We were unsuccessful. He looked like everything but a hobo....farmer, hick, Russian, duck hunter, woodsman-minus his axe. We kept pulling stuff out of his closet, and he kept saying," What's so hobo about that? I wear that almost every day!" We finally settled on making him look like a gentleman farmer who enjoys watching Mary Poppins.

I made the signs. Heather was disappointed though...she had wanted her's to say "Vietnam war veteran. Government benefits didn't go thru. Need $$$."

Mrs. Hoover.  

You can't see it, but there's a softball in the end of these pantyhose. The object is to knock over the water jugs the fastest...no hands! It's hilarious and surprisingly difficult.
Jones. I was so glad to see you guys!!                                                                                                                                   

We all got 'hobo names'. Hannah's was Riverfront Talula:)

Me and Heather

Mrs. Hoover, Heather, and Bro. Hoover

Bro. Hoover's happy face....

October 16, 2010

God's kiss

There is nothing to compare to the awful, horrifying feeling of walking up to someone, feeling like the lowest scum, and asking for forgiveness which I don't deserve.
Expecting to be rejected, scorned, and turned away with hatred. Told to go away, and never come back.
Feeling like a worm about to be crushed, and flicked off the sidewalk.

But there is nothing to compare to the wonderful sweetness of undeserved forgiveness!
To be expecting a slap in the face, and instead being wrapped up in loving arms, and being told how much I am still loved.
To be asked how I could even doubt the forgiveness so easily offered to me.
To be told that the ones I've hurt are still there for me, and still need me.
To be assured, and reassured.

That kind of forgiveness feels like God just took my dirty, mud-streaked face between His gentle, loving hands, and kissed me.
The sweetest of all kisses. The kiss of a Father for His child.
Caring, and with eyes full of love.

Perfectly sweet.
God's kiss.

October 13, 2010

she makes me laugh

Karen has been teaching Emma her letters and sounds, and Emma's imagination makes it quite interesting.

Karen: "T says tu, as in teacher. Or as in Timothy, or talking, or tiger."

Emma: "Oh! I know one! T says tu, as in tu-lion!"   (I'm wondering...is a tu-lion similar to a liger?)

Karen: "I says i, as in Indian."

Emma: "Or! I says i as in ball!"  (She's only been learning the letter I for a month.)

Then Karen moved on to simpler things....word pairs.  (i.e. chalk/crayon, dog/cat, train/truck)

Emma, very excitedly: "I know! People/ fairies! Fairies have wings and people don't, but they both have mouths!!!!!!"

This may not mean much to you guys.
You may not see the humor.
But, every time I think of Emma's very excited, very happy, very spacey little face saying "tu-lion", I get happy.
And then I picture Karen's exasperation because Emma does not get it.

And then I laugh.