February 14, 2011

valentine's day

I was going to write something all mushy about my family in honor of Valentine's Day.
Then I thought no, I should write something all mushy for my favorite sister-in-law Jenny since today's her birthday. (Happy Birthday, Jenny! I love you!)
I had all kinds of gushy, mushy stuff written out in my head.

But then I checked facebook first.
And my friend Rachel had changed her profile pic to this...

And heaven help me. I had to post this.
All thoughts of gooey mush flew right out the window.
This is so perfect. It's worthy of my horse laugh. Thank you for making my day, Rachel.
I laughed until my skeleton was sore.
(Get it?)
(Skeleton instead of stomach?)
I'm cracking myself up here.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow skeletons.