August 05, 2011

blog nerd

I'm a blogger nerd. I admit it. Not to be confused with a blogger geek though. A geek knows what he's doing, nerds don't. Nerds just fumble around and stumble upon the right answer occasionally, by accident.
Anyways, I'm always completely, super duper, out of my mind excited when I figure something out.
And today, I figured out something! A couple somethings! I'll share them with you so you can be a blogger nerd too. Unless you already happen to be a blogger geek, in which case... you can disregard my feeble attempts at being a blogger in the know.

Thing One: Navbar removal. Easy peasy. I googled it.

1. Sign in to your blog> Click Design> Click Template Designer> Click Advanced> Click Add CSS.
2. Copy and paste this code into the text box  #navbar { display: none; }
3. Click the orange Apply To Blog button.
Voila! No more navbar messin' up your design and streaking across the top of your header.
You can just go straight to to sign in.

Thing Two: Share buttons. Removing your navbar also removes your sharing options- if you don't already have share buttons in place. Which I didn't before today.
You might already have blogger's share buttons in place at the bottom of your posts.

They're grey. How nice.
If you like grey, blogger makes it easy.

1. Sign in> Click Design> Click the Edit button in the Blog Posts area> Click Show Share Buttons> Click Save.
There you go, boring and grey.

But if, like me, you don't want grey...
And if, like me, you have a custom template which makes blogger share buttons a little difficult to add...
I'm yo mama!
I found this site, AddThis. Free! Easy! Colored share buttons! Woohoo!
I danced around for awhile over this.
I'll walk you through it because it makes me feel smart.

1. Join AddThis.
2. Up at the top left hand side of the page it'll say, Get AddThis. Click it.
3. Select your platform option. In my case, Blogger.
4. Select your style. In my case, the first option. It was small and kinda cuter than the rest.
5. Over on the right, you'll see a Grab It button. Click it.
6. Then do this...

(Don't log out of AddThis yet! Just open a new window. You'll need to copy and paste the code from the text box that you see above the Grab It button.)

Sign in to your blog. Click Design> Click Page Elements.
Click on Add a Gadget (in any of the areas. Different templates may require moving the widget to a different area). A new window will open for you to insert the widget
Select the "HTML/JavaScript" widget. Leave the title area blank and copy and paste the code from AddThis into the content box. Click save.

Now you have these!
You're so welcome.

Thing Three: I found this site Picnik.
I don't have photoshop. Heck, I don't even have a camera. So when it comes to creating a new header, I'm seriously frustrated. Takes me twenty-five thousand years to make one.
But I made a new header today (See? It's up there.) in about ten minutes on Picnik.
I died and went to heaven.
Photoshop is in my future. So is a camera. But until then, it's my cell phone and Picnik.

Thing Four: A signature at the end of every post. I'm not certain if I like this one, yet. I have horrid handwriting, so I stole someone else's on My Live Signature. And if you want to add a signature to your posts, go here to Kevin and Amanda's Blog. I got tripped up trying to combine My Live Signatures and Amanda's tips so I'm not gonna try to walk you through it.
But there is one thing you should know.
You'll see where Amanda says to do this...

That works unless, like me, you've added the AddThis share buttons.
Copy and pasting exactly where Amanda said to, put my signature below the share buttons.
So I messed around with the HTML and found the right spot for my signature code.
It's just a little ways above where Amanda says to put it. You can see the line in her picture there.
I pasted my code right under this line of code -- clear for photos floats --><
Worked like a charm.

If you want to know things like: how to make your blog wider, how to add a slideshow header, how to make a simple header, customizing your blog in general... go here- The CoffeeShop Blog.
If you want to know all about custom (and free) fonts and fun stuff like that go here- Kevin and Amanda's Blog.

Thank you all for listening to my boring blog nerdiness. I'm so happy with it all, I had to share.
It doesn't take much to float my boat.