May 03, 2012

hairs: the chubby french braid

I love braids.
They're my all time favorite hair style. And you can do so much with them!
Add a little braid here and there, and you've just made your up-do, ponytail, or bun look 100% better.
But my favorite braids are the chubby french braids. I love them. They're chubby. And I have chubby hair. It's the only chubby thing I have.

I do two braids, one on each side of my head, and end them in a messy bun.
I love this hair style for three reasons: 1} it's pretty, 2} it's the easiest way for me to fix my hair, and 3} when I do my hair this way, everyone always stops me and says how much they love it. And I kiss them on the lips. Because I love compliments, dude.

And since I've had alot of people ask me how I do these braids, I'm going to tell you.

You will need:

:: 2 hair ties
:: brush/comb
:: small hair claws
:: hair spray and flower clip... but those are optional
:: you will not need a pony pack of allysum. It's just there for looks. My photo styling skills are, like, amazing.

Notes: If you don't know how to french braid, watch this short video. It's easy.
(Original chubby braid tutorial found at The Beauty Department.)

Meet my model, the illustrious Leah. She's 12. She's almost taller than me. Which isn't very tall, but still... makes me sad she's so big now.
Isn't she pretty, all squinty eyed like that? She gets her photogenic genes from her Aunt Sunny Jane.

And now for the chubby braids.
Divide your hair into two pigtails.

You're going to start a french braid. But not your regular french braid. You're going to do an inside-out french braid.
Instead of "folding" the outside pieces of hair over the middle piece, you're going to fold the middle piece over the outside pieces.
Like so...

And continuing on... middle piece over the left piece... middle piece over the right piece...

Adding hair as you go...

Until finally, you have two inside-out braids.

Now for the chubby part.
You're going to pull the braid a little.

Loosening it up, adding some texture, and making it look thicker (chubbier).
I don't actually have to do this part to my hair. My hair is already chubby. But sometimes I still do it to make the braids super chubby.

Now for the bun.
Combine the braids into one low ponytail.

Take a section of hair.

Take a small hair claw and...

... use it to pin the hair from underneath.
Like so...

Do that until you don't have any hair left hanging down.

And now you have a messy bun.
Sometimes the hair still sticks out a little too much, so pin those small hair claws wherever you need them.

And that's it.
Practice a little and you'll have this hairstyle down, and then you'll be able to slap your hair back in 5 minutes.
And it'll be pretty!

And for fun, I found these pictures of chubby (but not inside-out) braids on Pinterest.
(I couldn't find the source/tutorial for this picture.)

Aren't they purty?
I love braids. Have I mentioned that?

She Who Loves Braids (in case you forgot)

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