May 11, 2012

yummy: strawberry pops

I saw some strawberry pops on Pinterest the other week.
You know, Pinterest.
That place that always makes me feel like I'm getting so much done because I pin all the cool things I want to do, and since I've pinned them, it's like I've already done them. In my imagination. Oh, the power of pinning. There's nothing like it. In the history of the world. Ever.

Anyway, I got Emma and our sunshine baby to help me make these strawberry pops the other day and they were so good, I wanted to share with you guys.
Like, they were seriously good. Cool, creamy, and delectable.
And so easy that even I couldn't whine and complain about stuff always being so difficult. Which is like, a miracle since I'm always up for more whining and complaining and never pass up any opportunity to do so.

I found the original recipe right here, but it was all Bulgarian to me.
Like, literally. And even when I translated it, she (the Bulgarian recipe writer) was all like, grams... milligrams... zamrasete... shokoald.
And I was like, huh? And I said, in confusion, to my laptop screen, I don't understand anything you just said. 
And then I said to my Moma, How much is a gram? And what's a milligram? And who is shokoald? What happened to teaspoons and cups?
But her (the Bulgarian recipe writer's) Bulgarian pictures were so lovely that I greatly desired all the strawberry pops in the world. Right that second.
So I gave it a try. And the results were good.

You'll only need a few things:

:: 1 1/2 cups strawberries, chopped
:: 1 tbs lime juice
:: 3/4 cups sugar
:: 3/4 cups heavy whipping cream
:: toothpicks
:: ice trays

Pop the first three ingredients into the blender. Puree them.

While that's pureeing, beat your cream to death. Or at least until stiff peaks form.
And maybe tie your apron around your neck and look really cute while you're at it.

Add the cream to the strawberry mix.

Blend it all together and pour the mixture into the ice trays.
And maybe pop a zit on your chin right before you have your picture taken.
It's the sexy thing to do.

Stick the toothpicks in.

Freeze your little pops for a few hours.
And eat the rest of your strawberries while you wait. And look cute.

And finally, voila! Strawberry pops!
They're very soft and creamy (more like real ice cream rather than popsicles) so you won't be able to just pop them out of the ice trays.
I used a steak knife to pop mine out with. But you could probably find something less sharp and violent, and save a few of your pops from being sliced to death.

Eat 'em until they're gone.
They're so good.
Just ask these guys.

She Who Only Got A Small Morsel Of These Pops
(because they were gone lickity split, that's how good they were)

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