June 21, 2012

diy: it is well

I have an easy tutorial for you. Easy,but tedious. Tedious, but worth it. Worth it, but... whatever.
Me, Karen, and our friend Jaime got together last month and made some stuff we saw on Pinterest. Actually, they saw it. They wanted it. And then they asked me to help. Because I'm like, the craft queen. Or at least, they think I am.

They wanted these It Is Well canvases:

So we made 'em.
Jaime made the canvas on the left, Karen made a couple sets of the canvases on the right. 
It took us awhile.
We made mistakes.
At one point, Jaime's canvas looked like it had poop smeared on it. Which was gross. But she fixed it. Then it was well. (get it?)
But even though it was time consuming, it was fun and we had a good time.
And when it was all done, Karen and Jaime had their canvases, and I wore a crown that said Craft Queen and had green paint under my fingernails.

And now I'm going to tell you how to make your own! Because I like to share like that.
Note: If you want a tutorial for the canvas Jaime made, click here.

You will need:

:: Two blank, white canvases. You can buy them at Michaels. They come in all sizes, all prices. Take your pick. 
:: Craft paint. Color of your choice. We used Martha Stewart's Satin Green Curry.
:: Sponge brush. Or small paint brush.
:: 4" (or whatever size) letters. You could get a stencil for this. We didn't. Karen got some sticker letters that we cut out and used as a template. Don't ask me why we did it the hard way.
:: Pencil
:: Modpodge 

Lay your letters out on your canvas and start tracing around each one. (Go light with the tracing. Do it too dark and it'll show thru your paint job later on. I learned this via trial and error.)

Until your canvas looks like this...

Fill in your letters with your paint.
This is the tedious part. I'm not very good with the whole stay-in-the-lines thing. But Karen did a great job correcting my mistakes. She's a good sister like that.

We did two coats of paint. Made it look a little more filled in.

Let it dry for a couple hours, and then coat the entire shebang with a layer or two of modpodge.
The modpodge will protect your canvas from dirty fingerprints, and make it shiny. Shiny is nice. I like shiny things.

And then you're done!
And you'll have these:

Aren't they the cutest girls?
Lil' stinkers, that's what.

This is the canvas I want to make... except it's wood, not a canvas. And it requires power tools to cut that wood. And I don't have power tools. I only have have a blow dryer and I don't think that counts.


Let Thy goodness, like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to Thee.
I just love that. I love that whole song.
It's such a longing, loving song.

So go on now, make some stuff.

The Craft Queen

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