July 19, 2012

the river

I get all hot and sweaty at work.
I mean, it's true that I'm hot 100% of the time. Smokin' hot.

You can't argue with that kind of hot proof, can ya?

When it's hot like it has been the last few weeks, I want one thing: to be in the water somewhere.
Normally I'm too afraid of drowning to even sit on a waterbed, but crazy hot summertime brings out a desperate bravery in my innermost soul, and I want to be in the river in the worst way. (With all sorts of floatable devices attached to my being of course.)

So me and Karen took the girls to the river tonight.
I floated with the babies.

Her Adorable Cuteness.

Lily didn't like her lifevest. I'm chokin', Moma...

So we risked death by drowning and took it off.

Her Adorable Cuteness's cute little sandy bum.

Anyway, so I floated without a lifevest.
They're going to make a movie about me and call it Brave.

Her of the Courageous Heart