July 22, 2012

yummy: iced coffee

I used to hate coffee. The taste, the smell, the smell of people's breath after they drink it.
I couldn't even walk down the coffee aisle at the grocery store.
But then I started taking some really early morning karate classes (That's right. Karate. I made it all the way to yellow belt. My whole body is a weapon. Fear me.) a few years ago, and started drinking coffee for the buzzing jolt it gave me.
My karate instructor actually expected me to focus that early in the morning. What a weirdo.
He'd be like, Sunny? Hello??? WHERE ARE YOU THIS MORNING?
And I'd be like, Physically or mentally? Because mentally, I'm absent.

Anyway, several years later, I'm a coffee drinker. I love Starbucks. I drink coffee for the taste. 
I even like it in the afternoons, and because it's so hot outside I decided I needed an iced coffee recipe.
So I went to Pioneer Woman for help. Because she's my hero who knows how to cook. 
She's the queen, and I am her willing minion. 
I found this recipe on her site, Perfect Iced Coffee.
So I gave it a whirl. But I changed it up a little. And the results were the best iced coffee ever.
So here's my version of PW's iced coffee.

You will need:

:: 10oz ground coffee
:: 4qt water
:: sweetened condensed milk
:: caramel macchiato coffee creamer

Mix the coffee and water in a large pitcher.
Cover and let steep at room temp overnight.

Line a strainer with paper towels, and set it over a large container. Pour the coffee into the strainer and... well, strain it.
Throw out the grounds, and chill the coffee.

Pour a healthy dose of the caramel macchiato creamer into a glass, over ice.
Fill the glass the rest of the way with coffee.
Stir in a tablespoon or two of the sweetened condensed milk.

Add a straw.

Suck it down.

Live happily ever after.

You're welcome, and God bless Pioneer Woman for this recipe.


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