August 30, 2012

last days of summer

It's the last days of summer. The weather is changing. And although I'm not looking forward to freezing my tail end off in the next month or so, I am absolutely, with all my heart, crazy loving this weather.

I've had the best summer. Really. God has been so good to me this year.
I've been looking thru summer pictures, and love seeing all the goodness God has poured out on me in those photos.
Family that thrills my soul down to it's tips, and a church family that sticks in my heart like gooey sappy stuff. Cousins, friends, traveling, working, swimming, church floats in the parade, dirt and mud, cleaning out the pig pens (The girls actually thought that was fun. Bunch of weirdos!), sewing and crafting, breakfast out on the porch, gardening and fishing, babies, fresh eggs, house hunting (Pray for my soul. Or better yet, pray I find a house. I want one.), camping, laughing and crying, and mostly loving.
Clipping my talon like toenails.
Taming my frizzy hair. Not really. It can't be tamed. But I can dream.
Going on the Candida diet. (Pray for my soul again. I can't have caffeine for awhile, and I really, really, really miss coffee. As in, I can't even look in the direction of Starbucks lest I burst into tears.)
Sniffing my bad breath to see if it's gotten any better. It hasn't.
Watching movies in bed at night with Moma.
Loving early mornings. Let me clarify that... although I hate waking up in the mornings, once I am awake, mornings are my favorite time of the day. They're peaceful and full of sunrise.
Loving not having internet. I didn't think I'd love it. It's inconvenient. But I love it anyway. I've had time to read so many books in the last week, that my eyeballs are bugging out of my head.
Planning baby showers. (Talia has THE cutest baby belly.)
Picking raspberries and baking a pie from scratch. Yes me. I baked a pie. It's one thing I can cook. Sadly, that particular pie was sour as all get out. I think I might've forgotten to add the sugar because it was like eating a Sour Patch Kid pie.
Admiring Hawkeye's arms. Every time.
Finding good deals at the thrift stores. Like multiple leather belts for 70 cents, and the darlingest coffee mug for free. And that coffee mug says, right on the front, He fills my life with good things. How true is that!
Reading, But God meant it unto good... (Gen 50:20), and loving how God loves to turn everything right side up and make the ugliest things beautiful again. Including me. I love Him for that.

God is really good at the cup overflowing thing.

She Who's Cup Overflows. A lot.