November 05, 2012

thankful list

1) Some nervous, scared teenager with big braces on his teeth and a cast on his arm, rear ended me a couple weeks ago. My car got two teensy scratches. My neck got whiplash. But, oh happy day, I get two massages a week as part of my treatment. I love and adore massages. I had one this morning. I drooled on the table. And my face felt like it was smeared to the left. But it wasn't. I checked in the mirror before I left. The therapist asked me how I felt and all I could do was gargle in my throat. She patted my shoulder. I love her to infinity.

2) I'm going to see my big sister for Thanksgiving! For a week. We will talk sister talk, and look sister looks, and probably shop because she likes to do that. I will hug and snuggle her kids. And for Thanksgiving dinner, I will cook a large spread involving mac n' cheese and pie. I can't wait to go.

3) Pumpkin is the food of celestial beings. Unless it's actually pumpkin straight out of a pumpkin. That's just gross. But pumpkin flavored anything is my new favorite. I made pumpkin doughnuts the other night. Except I didn't have a doughnut baking tin so I used a muffin tin. So my doughnuts were more like Really Big Doughnut Holes. But anyway, those babies were so yummy. I took one cautious bite (Since I was, after all, the one who cooked them. And I've learned not to dig in when I'm the one doing the cooking.), and it was so good that I crammed a bunch more in my face and was supremely happy for the rest of the day.

4) I bought pumpkin spice coffee creamer. I'm so happy.

5) My friends had a little baby boy the other day. He has kissy, kissy lips, and really long fingers. Everybody keeps having babies around here. I want to kissy, kissy all them babies. They're so sweet.

6) I don't think there's really anything more beautiful than all the fall colors going on right now. Maple trees make my heart go pitter patter.

7) I changed out a blown headlight on my car last night. By myself. Without help or guidance. For the first time in my life. And guess what? The headlight works and everything. It's very shiny. I'm like, a mechanic.

8) Guess what else? I'm going to Greece and Italy next February. I was going to wait to announce it until I have my ticket in my hand, but I'm too excited to wait anymore. I've been wanting to go on this trip for almost two years, and I can't believe it's actually happening! I'm going with Tim, Karen, and Rachel. It's a missions trip to Thessaloniki to help out with Project Thessalonica. I've never been on a missions trip so I'm pretty stoked. And then after two weeks in Thessaloniki, Rachel and I are going to Athens, and then to Rome. I cannot express to my excitement about going to Rome. I want to rent a Vespa, and see all the touristy sights. We've been warned to watch out for bad guys. I will therefore make myself a shirt that says, I am a tourist. Please do not pick my pockets. Also, please do not kidnap me and sell me on ebay. But if you do kidnap me, I will call Liam Neeson. And he will find you. And he will kill you. Thank you.

Very Excited About Going To Rome