August 29, 2013

making a list

Hi, I'm Sunny Jane and I like making lists. I made one for you today.

1. You know what is so annoying? When bloggers write things like, Oh my gosh something super exciting is about to happen! I'll tell you all about it one day. And then they wait three months to tell you what they were talking about. I read 3 blogs who's authors do that. But they do occasionally remember to make vague remarks about the Unknown Exciting Thing. So anyway, today is my chance to get back at them. Because guess what? I have something super exciting to tell you. But I'm going to make you wait four months before I announce what it is.

2. I have a secret and I'm not going to tell you what it is.

3. I'm just kidding! I'll tell you! I met this guy and we're getting married in four months. I've always wanted a Christmas wedding.

4. What color do you think my wedding should be?

5. I'm just kidding. I'm not really getting married. I met some guys, but they were grody so I decided not to go with it. April Fools! My friend is getting married Saturday afternoon though. Her wedding colors are raspberry, lime, and orange. I'm decorating for it for the next few days.

6. I'm also making chili for our church's 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off on Sunday. You may remember, I totally won that cook-off last year. Winner, winner, chili dinner. That's how I roll.

7. And then I'm throwing a baby shower for my other friend, Heather, on Monday. Which is also Labor Day. Hey, get it? We're having a baby shower on Labor Day? I crack myself up. My friends, Mrs. Hoover and Lizzie, are helping me with it. Her baby is cute. He came early. Our friend, Talia took this photo.

8. Yesterday, I got really stressed out, and got sick, and had a migraine, and cried 7 times because 7 is the number of perfection, and forgot how to speak the English language, and spent the entire day in bed. Rachel came over last night and I was like, Who cracker did eat staninema? And she was like, Are you okay? And I was like, My brain it mushy. And then I plopped down on the couch for the rest of the evening and continued to make no sense. I don't wig out very often, but when I do I go all out and have a meltdown. That's how I roll.

9. Jack told some guys at work that I'm a strict Baptist and they might as well not get any ideas. I need that on a shirt. I would wear it to work everyday.

10. I seriously cannot wait four months to reveal my big secret.

11. Here it is. Get ready. I'm very excited. My sister, her 5 kids, my brother, his wife, and their little girl are ALL coming here for Christmas!

Shelly's kids have never been out here. It's been 6ish years since all the little cousins have been together. You have no idea how many happy tears I've cried. I can't wait. I'm making so many plans. Writing so many lists. Saving money for fun stuff. Ice skating. Sledding. The indoor water park. Snowmen (it better snow while they're here). IMAX. I have a secret Christmas board on Pinterest. I'll make yummy holiday stuff. We'll make homemade gifts. And... don't laugh... I want to do "recycled" gifts too. Like, get together with the girls, go through all our stuff, and pick out things that we love and are nice, but we never use and give those things away. I think it'd be fun. Shelly was supposed to come here this past June, but it didn't work out. I cried. But now I'm so glad that it worked out for Christmas instead. I love Christmas. This one will be the best ever.

Sorry I Almost Made You Wait Four Months. I Can't Believe I Almost Did That To You.