September 05, 2013

the weekend

First, Marco and Lydia got married! Yay! They're on their honeymoon right now.
The wedding was a success. Very sweet, went off without a hitch. There were lots of smiles.

I always love photos of the bride getting ready.

Happy Marco is happy.

About to ride off into the sunset.

Happy married life, you two!

Second, I am a midget.

Bonnie is 7 feet tall. Not really. 
But she DOES have 7 kids, and I'm always impressed by how put together she looks.

Third, I did not win the chili cook off this year. Last year's winner, this year's loser. Thomas won this year with a white, chickeny chili.

All us contestants. What's going on with Adam's face
Also, notice how Bonnie and I look the same height on the ends there? 
This is an optical illusion because I am a midget, and Bonnie is 7 feet tall.

Talia took this of her husband, the very happy winner. 
How do you like that snazzy blue ribbon that Tim made with his own hands?

Fourth, we had Heather's shower. Adam and Heather happen to be nerds. So this shower had to be Star Wars. May the force be with you.

Sweet baby Blake. Sometimes Adam is all like, Blake... I am your father.

This is Blake's cousin. He's a fatty watty. 

I just want to say a huge thank you to all the people who helped me TREMENDOUSLY with the wedding and the shower. Thank you for moving all the heavy furniture since I'm a wimp and can't do it myself. Thank you for helping refold all those tissue paper balls that I messed up. Thank you for hanging the tissue paper balls from the ceiling because my neck was out and I couldn't reach that high anyways. Thank you for helping with the flowers and bows. Thank you for hanging new curtains because the old ones were ugly. Thank you for spending all that time figuring out exactly how to arrange those giant tables. Thank you for running errands. Thank you for making the invitations and the Galactic cupcakes. Thank you for all the super cute Star Wars touches that I would've never thought of myself. Thank you for helping set up and clean up.
Thank you for being the best friends ever. Lydia wouldn't have had a beautiful wedding, and Heather's shower would've been totally lame-o without you guys. I love you forever and a day.

She Who Is Happy With How It All Turned Out