January 16, 2010

This Lily of Mine

It takes me a little while to get attached to the new Baby.
I don't care to hold It.
I don't think It's that cute.
I don't feel at all sorry for It when It's crying. Quite the contrary.....I want to stick It in a room and let It yell It's guts out.

I know, I sound like a monster.
I can't defend myself there.
I think I'm weird too, but I can't help it.

There comes a certain point though when I realize that I love the little screamer with all my heart.

I have really delayed reactions (slow reflexes, whatever you want to call it).
I don't feel that overwhelming love for the little stinkers right away.
It's definately not love at first born.
It takes me a few months.
But, I love that first time when I realize I love It with every fiber of my being.

The first time I realized it with Lily was when she was about 4 months old.
Tim and Karen had gone to visit family in North Dakota for a couple weeks, and left me home alone.
I hate being home alone.
I even missed Lily crying.
When they got home and walked thru the front door I felt....
Overwhelming love for Lily.
I looked at her snuggled into her carseat, and got a huge lump in my throat.
I was so grateful we had her for our's.
I knew right then if anyone other than me ever said she was funny looking (because she kinda was), I would kill them flat dead.
She was beautiful, funny looking and all.

Lily, a couple days old

Big enough now to get into my make-up

And to wear Leah's boots

Brave enough to climb to the top of the ladder

Checking out the guys already

I'm loving her.
I'd say she's a keeper.