September 28, 2010

My Worst Nightmare ( By Leah Haveman, age10)

Spiders. Yup, that's it. My worst enemy.
Last night, I told Hannah she could sleep with me. She got all excited and giddied up. Well, then I changed my mind. I said, "Hannah not to be mean, not to be mean. I don't want you to sleep with me." I went and told Lucy me and her could sleep together in the pink room.
Hannah went and told on me. While I, knowing that Hannah was telling on me, went to go read my Bible like a good saint would do; acting like nothing had happened. Mom called me over and said, "Leah no one gets to sleep together anymore." I sobbed. You are probably thinking, "What does this have to do with spiders?" Just read.
I hate sleeping by myself. I think a spider will come and chew me up into a thousand pieces. That is why I like to have someone to sleep with. You might have a little pillow, I have my sisters. Anyway, I snuck Emma in with me last night while I was reading my Bible at 2:00 a.m.
Mom does not know yet.      

September 22, 2010

September 20, 2010

one of america's heros

There is a woman at the Hoover's church who jumped onto the back of a raging, charging bull elk, and stabbed it to death.

*thinking seriously*

I cannot get over the image I have in my head of this event.
She's like, sixty at least.
I mean, she has solid white hair.
She wears a camo vest to church.
This bull was CHARGING HER AND SHE JUMPED ON ITS BACK. And then stabbed it to death, for good measure.
Holy cow....I would've screamed like a girl, peed my pants, and then fainted dead away.

I wonder what went thru that bull's head as she swung onto his back???

September 17, 2010


I was at Super 1 with Hannah and Emma yesterday, and when we got out of the car I told the girls to watch out for the huge puddle of oil right outside the car door.
Emma took one look at that oil puddle, and was in raptures.
"Oh, Aunt Sunny! It's a rainbow! On the ground.....hello rainbow!"
She even said goodbye to it when we left.

That is just so Emma.
She lives in her own happy little world.
I saw an oil leak, and she saw a rainbow.
I love that about her.

We should all be that way.

September 14, 2010

back in the day

Karen and I were texting back and forth this morning.
We were talking about little girls growing up (her's in particular), and it turned into one of those "do you remember when" conversations. Our family loves those kind of conversations. They can go on for hours. Talking about the dorky clothes we used to wear (why did Moma let us go out of the house wearing neon stirrup pants or tee shirts that would've been too big for Dad to wear?), the people we used to know, the places we used to live.
We're kinda sentimental about old times, plus, it's a good laugh.

Me: remember when i first had to wear a bra, i hated it because it itched so i walked around with it unsnapped, but then i got a spanking for being rebellious?

Karen: oh my goodness! but i have to say that you probably got a spanking because it was the last had a bad attitude about all the girl stuff.....but then, that was a rough time in your life.....

Me: lol. that's probably true
(sidenote: I really did have a hard time with all that kind of stuff. I hated growing was so embarrassing! Shaving, and all that.)

Karen: you were moody and grouchy....remember the way we fought???

Me: yes. remember when we fought over the spoon and moma was going to spank us but then the phone rang and you were like, saved by the bell! but then moma spanked us anyway?

Karen: i dooooo! jason and i had a fight over the same thing but with forks and moma bent him over and used a spatula or something little to spank him. he was a teenager:)

......such was our relationship growing up.
We all fought over the silliest things.
Who got the front seat. Who was in charge while Moma and Dad were gone. Who got to use the fat silver spoon. Who got to use the fork with the flowers on it. Who's day it was to wash the dishes. Who got to answer the phone. Who borrowed, and destroyed, each other's stuff. Who got to drive. Who got to eat the last of the ice cream. Who was staring at who. Who finished eating first. Who had to turn out the light. Who drank the last of the milk.
Some of those fights were bitter, but most ended with us laughing. I mean, we never laughed right right away, more like the next day. Lets not be unrealistic here...we were just kids after all. Sitting in the front seat when it wasn't your turn was a serious offense, and required time for one to forgive.

Funny how well we all get along now. Now that we're all grown up, and live five hundred million miles away from each other.
We loved each other, but back in the day, fighting was....kinda necessary....or something.

Shelly, Jason, me, and Karen.
One of our school pictures. I love this one.

Abi, Jacky, and me.
I love how cheesy we look....except Abi kinda looks drunk. ;)

We Are Family.

September 13, 2010


Dear Granny,

When I was a little girl, going to your house was THE TREAT.
It meant comfort.
Special fun.
Little individual cereal boxes (the green ones with the frog on them where my favorite). Little individual juices. Fruit roll-ups.
The little yellow robot that ate our quarters and then licked his lips. Butterfly stickers on the sliding glass door so we wouldn't run into it (because it was sparkling clean and impossible to see when shut). Little Dixie cups in the bathrooms (those were so cool). Aussie shampoo (anytime I smell that stuff, I think of you).
Christmas, with all of us sleeping on the floor, and that horrible, horrible tree stump for a Christmas tree (I despised that tree stump). But, Christmas was still best at your house.
The little people house with all the furniture to go with it (Moma gave that to a thrift store, and I have never forgiven her). Almost drowning in your pool. Getting rides on the yellow Club Cadet lawn mower. Fighting with Marty over the airplane swing hanging in the tree out back.
Giving you weeds/flowers when Pawpaw died, and wishing you weren't sad.
You sleeping on the floor between me, Jack, and Abi's beds when we stayed the night at your house, and anytime we so much as blinked, you would say,"GO TO SLEEP!". I don't know how in the world you could hear us blinking.
Jumping on your was allowed.
Pawpaw saying pull my finger, and you saying don't do it, Sunny Jane.
It was like everything you had, or did was with us in mind.
You are just amazing that way.

You are the epitome of what Grandmother means.
The definition of lady.
And the example of Godly.
And best of all, you gave me my Moma, who is just like you. I love you for that most of all.

I love you, Granny, and Happy (Belated:) Birthday!

September 09, 2010

smarty pants


Some days are just worth a big fat smile.
For no reason in particular, but just because everything feels delightful and my heart is inditing a good matter.

That was free, the real reason I'm writing is this....

It's Tuesday night.
Leah invites Jack, Mary Ann, and myself over for dinner.
Karen inserts Lily into her highchair.
Lily, as usual, turns up her nose at her bowl of chowder.
Karen, as usual, tells Lily she can't get down until every bite is eaten.
Lily proceeds to whine and find excuses for not eating....for the next hour.
We ignore her.
Suddenly, a light bulb turns on in Lily's smart, two-year-old head.
"MOMA", she shrieks loudly, "I HAVE POOP!!!!!"
Karen runs over and takes Lily out of the highchair to change her diaper.
Turns out, Lily didn't have poop, Lily didn't have to finish every bite, Lily won the war....AGAIN.
She is so danged smart.

I am convinced there has never been another two-year-old like her.

September 06, 2010

the faces of lily

She can't help being cute.

city camping

The girls have been camping out for the last three the back yard.
Tim hates camping so you have to take what you can get.
The girls love it, and Karen didn't have to pack much.
1) Laptop for watching movies. Check.
2) Box fan for blocking out neighborhood noises. Check.
3) Small heater because it's freezing these nights. Check.

I was the lucky duck who got to stay with them last night.
It was nice actually. I didn't have to worry about peeing in a bush somewhere and getting bit by God knows what. I didn't have to worry about finding the perfect spot by the campfire, eating roasted marshmellows which I hate and everyone still tries to make me eat, and when I woke up this morning, I jumped in a warm shower instead of an icy river.
I love camping in the wilderness too though. Even if I do have to pee in a bush and get bit by God knows what.

Tim setting up camp. It only took him a couple hours.

The finished work. This tent is huge.

The first night.

The second morning.

The third night....watching Parent Trap.

September 02, 2010


Emma revealed her darkest secret to me last night.
We were on our way to church.

Very contemplatively, "I don't like church. I like God though. Church is just so......"
And she trailed off, uncertain of what word would best describe her feelings about sitting silently in church when she would rather be wiggling and screaming outside.

At least she likes God :)