April 29, 2010

The Life (by Leah)

Us kids, we have have the life.
spoiled rotten,
we get every thing we want (for the most part),
we don't have to worry about bills,
the life.

Sometimes we get junk food for breakfast,
adults have to eat organic stuff like eggs and omlets,
we don't have to worry about fixing our hair,
the life.

We don't have to worry about wrecks in cars,
we don't have to worry about money,
we don't have to worry about pills,
ah, the life.

We get to have fun birthday parties,
now my favorite part,
we get to eat chocolate,
ha ha ha!
The life, ah, the life.

Roughing it

What to do when you don't have a crib or Pack 'n Play.......

She looked kinda confused at first.....like, where's the water?
But she got over it. At least she's not crying anymore.

April 28, 2010

blessed assurance

I stood in the battlefield, the cries of war all around me.
In spite of the death on the field, I was happy.
Happy that I was strong, that I was well trained for this battle, happy that I had conquered and taken my ground.
The sun shone on me, and I basked in my glory.
I laid aside my sword and armour. I didn't need it anymore.
I was the victor.
I had stood.

I didn't worry when the clouds rolled in and the thunder crashed.
I barely noticed when my team began to warn me of the advancing Enemy.
I trusted in my strength. It had never failed me before. I was good at this.
I would fight to the end of every battle.

The sky over me blackened, the air thickened.
The battle around me faded as The Enemy rose, giant before me.
"Fight for me and I will spare your life," he enticed.
Still stubborn, I stood without sword or armour and declared mine own strength.
He laughed in glee. At my strength.
"This will be fun," he mocked.

At first I fought.
But with each step, my strength failed me.
With each blow, my life's blood gushed.
I listened to his flowery promises even as he sliced at my limbs.
I lowered my fists.
I went backwards.
"Are you ready to give in yet," he wanted to know.
I felt my bones breaking and my body crushed.
In my loss, I asked him to spare me. I could not go on.
He crowed in triumph. He had won this battle.
I was his to take.

His vise tightened on my throat.
I smelt his breath as he lifted me off my feet.
"You should have known I was only toying with you. I would not let you live. Your strength has made you weak."
I felt my heart fail.
Fear overtake me.
There were none to save me in this battle.
My team watched in dismay. Knowing that if I had only kept my sword in my hand, I would not be bleeding.

As I took my last breath, I saw fear cloud his eyes.
I felt his grip loosen.
He dropped me.
Began frantically to pull at his sword.
But there was no hope for The Enemy. The Great Defender had come, the One Who had shaken hell's gates.
And He had come for me.

He fought my battle for me, took me from The Enemy's grasp.
"She is mine, and I will not give her up. Run while you can, Deceiver."

The Enemy fled. I rolled to my belly, too ashamed to look my Defender in the eye.
I had failed Him. Disappointed Him. Hurt Him.
"Come," He said, "I will care for you."
"How can you care? Look what I have done to you," I cried.
"Because I love you, and I cannot stop," He replied.
"But I will never be able to fight again. These wounds will never heal properly. They're too deep. What good am I now? What worth do I have? You might as well cast me aside. Forsake me."

He staunched the flow of sin, and wrapped my wounds.
Balm of Gilead.
"You depend on your own strength. You have forgotten the One Who gives strength. The One Who trained you. You never had any worth of your own. You're a Polly Pocket, small and empty. I've given you this sword. I've given you this armour. Don't lay it aside. Bind it to your fingertips and write it upon the table of your heart. Lean on my strength and it will not fail you. You will fight again."
He turned to go from my bedside.

"But, my Defender, look at me. Look at my scars. Will my team not shudder at the sight of them? Will they not push me from the battle? I'm disfigured. There's so much scar tissue."
He looked down at me with pity.
He unlaced His boots, and removed His shirt as He spoke,"You will carry those scars for the rest of your life. They will hinder you, sometimes stop you. You received them in shame and failure. But don't give up."
He spread His palms, and showed me the scars on His feet and side.
"My scars are greater than yours. My scars make you worthy. My scars will enable you to fight. My scars are what the Commander sees when He looks at you. My scars are what makes the Comforter come. My scars were received for your sake. My blood was shed for your sake. Do not forget what I have done for you, and your scars will fade. Fight for me. Live for me."

"Why, my Defender, did you sacrifice for me? Why do you give me hope? Why do you care for me even in my failure? I cannot understand it."

"Because I love you, and I cannot stop."

April 26, 2010


Sometimes I'm ashamed of myself. When was the last time I gave of my want?
Not even once that I can remember.
The preacher was right tonight when he said that I'm willing to let people go to hell in order to satisfy my own wants.
Of course I don't look at it like that, but that's the way it is.
I get what I want, the missionary goes without, the sinner goes to hell.
I am so blessed, yet I hoard my wealth.
I take and keep.
Sure, I'm thankful for what God has given me.
I also take it for granted.
I assume I deserve it.
I couldn't tell you what I did that made me so worthy. I'm not worthy of God's blessings. I'm scum, freeloading off of God's generosity.
I've pleased myself rather than God.

It's time for me to buck up and give back.
Give more than I want to.

April 15, 2010


I ran by Karen's today to drop a few things off.
It was in and out, I didn't have time to stay very long.
After I left Emma ran to Karen, very disappointed by my hasty depature.

Emma: concerned..."Moma! Sunny Jane left too fast!"

Karen: hasseled by cleaning out the garage and five other kids..."Why is that?"

Emma: "Because they're showing that stuff on tv!"

Karen: "What stuff, Emma?"

Emma: waving her little arms around for emphasis, "You know! That stuff for getting the dots off your face! Sunny needs that!"

Karen: "Ahh, Pro Active."

Thanks for pointing that out, Emma.
You're a keeper.

April 11, 2010

"Zacchaues was a wee little man......"

Dan Jones was preaching tonight, and he said that God uses little people.
This is a good thing.
I'm only 5'2 and 98 lbs.
Don't be sad if you're not a little person.
I'm sure God will use you too.

Anyway, I don't know what that had to do with anything.
It just made me kinda happy.
Felt kinda special :}

I would be even happier if Karen and Tim came home really soon.
I miss Lily.
And everyone else too.

April 08, 2010

No I'm not

I am not an idiot.
Sometimes I might act like it, but I'm not.
I might say or do things without thinking it thru, but still I'm not an idiot.
It's just that I get caught unawares occasionally.
More often than not.
You don't need to rub it in.
I'm fully aware of my.....condition.....of unawareness.
I know that I need you to draw pictures for me.

That said.....

I miscalculated, and overdrew my checking account.
I didn't know.
I pulled up to the drivethru window to make a deposit, blissfully unaware.
The three ladies crowding in the window to console me were all very apologetic, but the overdraft fees had sucked me dry.
They told me they loved me, looked forward to seeing me the next time I came by.
And offered to paperclip a tissue to my deposit slip.
The bright side of it was that I did have enough $$$ to get me out of the red, and they gave me an apple flavored sucker.
I am very easily distracted and made happy, hence the apple flavored sucker.

Did you know that if your radio is possessed and won't shut off (even when you turn off the ignition) it will run down your car battery?
I know this now.
My radio has had a short for almost two years.
I should get it fixed.
That hasn't happened yet though.....
The other night I came home and shut off the car.
Took the keys out and everything.
Fifteen minutes later my radio was still blaring Bob Marley.
I tapped it, I slapped it, I punched it, and I even tried kicking it.
I was going to just leave it.
I figured it would turn off by morning.
But, some glimmer of intelligence flickered in my otherwise blank mind.
I called my friend, Chase, and he said, yes it would run down my battery, but I could just pull the fuse.
Since I didn't know where the fuse was or which one to pull, I drove over to Chase's house.
He located and pulled the fuse.
The fuse that says radio is the one to pull in this situation.
And now my radio is not only off, but also completely dead.
I really wish I knew how to locate and pull a fuse myself.

I also made a boxed cake.
I forgot to add the water.
I thought I already had.


April 01, 2010


When I was a little girl communion terrified me. I don't know why, but it did. I would sit thru the service with a knot in the pit of my belly, certain God was a God wrath waiting to strike me dead. With a lightning bolt or something. He never did though, and I learned to swallow my terror.

Karen's girls are a little more practical about it.

Emma was telling the girls that she could take communion this time.
They said, "No you can't. You're not saved".
She wailed indignatly," Yes I am to saved! Re'nember that time I drew a picture of Jesus??? So I am saved!"

Then at church while we waited somberly for Tim to read the Bible and give us our cue, she turned to me with sparkling eyes.
Emma:   "I can't wait to be able to take communion."
Me:   "When you get saved, you can."
Emma:   happily..."No, not like that. I just want to take it because it's like a quiet tea party! With little cups!"

After it was over Lucy turned seriously to Grandma Sherry, and said in her deep voice," It's too bad everyone didn't take two. There's more than enough to go around."

Sigh...kids these days.