February 28, 2011

prayer from the heart

The prayers of a six-year-old Emma:

Dear God,
Thank You for EVERYTHING... except all bad guys.
Amen.     *dinner time prayer*

Help me to be a mermaid, princess, or a fairy.
And take my sins all away.
Amen.     *salvation prayer*

February 22, 2011


1)  Mrs. Hoover is the best person ever at finding cool websites.
Then she passes them along to me.
And now I'm sharing a couple with you.
So you'll love me more.

2) Shabby Apple.
They have cute dresses.
Like this one...

And shoes that make my heart rate pick up.
Like these...
3)  House 8810.
They have cute dish towels that make my nesting impulses work overtime.
Like these...

4)  Speaking of nesting impulses.
I've got it bad.
(Along with spring fever.)
All I want to do is decorate and play hostess.

5)  It's hard to play hostess when you don't cook.
Guests expect food.
And entertainment.
But, mostly food.

6)  I'm getting out some of my decorating bug though.
Sherry and I are working on the upstairs ladies room at church.
That restroom is... how shall I say... disgusting.
Covered in brown sponge painting and sunflowers. Ick.

7)  When we get done with that restroom, your eyes will pop out of your head.
That's how impressive it'll look.
I hope so anyway.
That's what we're shooting for.

8) I'll post before and after pictures when it's all done.
But only if it turns out like it looks in my head.
If it turns out bad, I'll never mention it again.

9)  Speaking of pictures.
I love this photo...

Emma dear

10)  And this photo too...


February 17, 2011

memory lane

I was a bedwetter.
It was a curse and I hated it, but still... I continued to wet the bed.
We weren't allowed to spend the night at people's houses so that eliminated any embarrassing waking-up-next-to-my-friend-soaked-to-the-bone-in-pee kind of moments.
Moma tried alot of things to get me to stop. Apparently, there are some kids out there who are actually too lazy to get up during the night and would prefer to lie in bed soaked to the bone in pee. My cousin was one of those kids. He gave me a bad rap and for a little while Moma thought I was wetting the bed on purpose. (I forgive you for that, Moma.)
I wasn't one of those kids. I slept like the dead and needing to go pee wasn't enough to wake me.
On the bright side, I learned how to do my own laundry at age five. I had to stand in the washer to get the blankets in there, but I could do it.
Seven year old kid + Bedwetting = Super embarrassing.
I didn't want anyone to know.
My Uncle Jeff found out one time and I sat there in absolute, utter shame. I hung my head and cried. But he was so sweet. He sat down, put his arm around me, and told me how he used to wet the bed too. He had had one of those embarrassing moments waking up next to a friend, soaked to the bone. He understood.

Sidenote: I don't wet the bed anymore. (Whew. It's a good thing. I hate doing laundry.) When I was eleven, I figured out a little trick that put a stop to all my nighttime involuntary urination.
If I dream about going pee, I know it's time to wake up. If I don't dream about going pee, I can sleep on.
That's it. That's the trick. I still use it today at 27 years old. Works like a charm.

I have a point to this story...

Danica L.
Blonde and freckled.
She was the most popular seven year old I ever knew.
She was pretty, she lived in a nice house, she wore cute dresses, and she owned more scrunchies than anyone else.
Therefore, she ruled.
The rest of us were minions in her court.
I was a willing minion though. I adored her. Whatever Danica wanted from me, Danica got.
She started a babysitting club. She wanted it to be just like the books. It was pretty much the coolest idea ever. She said to me, Give me all your quarters and I'll let you join.
She was going to let me join???
I gave her all my quarters and a dime.
Danica dissolved the club the next day and kept my quarters. And the dime.

She said to me, Tell me who you like, I'll never tell ANYONE. Best friends tell each other EVERYTHING.
Did she just call me her best friend???
I told her.
And the next day at church, she ran up and down the aisles singing, Sunny likes Ja-red! Sunny likes Ja-red!
Jared was there so I hid under my pew and cried out my humiliation. I had had the hugest crush on him since I was four. It was a secret I planned to carry with me to my grave and Danica had just ruined it.

I woke up one Sunday morning covered from head to toe in psoriasis and when I got to church Danica said, What's that red stuff all over your face?
I told her and she said, I know. Let's play a game. I'll run and you follow me. Okay?
Did she just ask me to play with her???
I started happily running after her until I noticed she was running up to Jared and screaming, Sunny has a disease! Don't let her touch you!
I hid under my pew and cried again.

You'd think I would catch on, right?
I didn't. I'm a little slow on the uptake.
So when Danica came to my house one day and wanted to know if those pull-ups under my bed belonged to me or my dolls...
(You can tell me. I won't tell ANYONE. Best friends tell each other EVERYTHING.)
(Did she just call me her best friend again???)
... I told her I was a bedwetter.
And the next day at church, there was Danica.
Running up and down the aisles, singing at the top of her lungs, Sunny wets the bed! Sunny wets the bed!
The underneath of my pew made my accquaintance again.
I stashed a box of Kleenex there.

When I remembered Danica the other day, I couldn't decide whether I should laugh or feel really sorry for my little kid self.
So I did both.
I think she might have been genetically mean though. She couldn't help being a bully.
One time her mom spanked me for asking if she had just farted. Who does that?
And another time her little brother pushed my little brother into an ant pile and held him there while he screamed. We had to throw my little brother into the swimming pool to get the ants off of him. Poor little guy.

So, Danica, if you ever read this...
You've probably have grown up into a really nice person, but... I want my quarters back.
And the dime.

Also, I wish I had spent the night at your house and peed on you.

February 16, 2011

unsearchable riches

You gave to me a letter. Love pouring out. Reading it, there flows into me peace abounding.
Your Words fill me, joy overflowing. Love is in those Words, love covering me. Shelter in turmoil.
 Peace be still.
Your voice in my ear, kind. Your hand on mine, my guiding Beloved. Light of my eyes.
Your letter... reminding me of what I am and of Who You are.

You are.

Goodness overflowing, overwhelming me. Taking my breath from me.
Goodness like a river. Diving in, I'm submerged. Floating up. Happy.
Basking in the brightness of Your face shining on mine.

Strength coursing thru my spirit. Taken from You and given to me. Transfusion, infusion.
The leather binding soft in my hands, the pages tattered.
Strengthening me.

Peace that passeth all understanding. You're higher than I, and I don't need to understand.
I only need to know it flows over me. Steady, eternal. Achingly wonderful.

Glorious, shining so brightly. Showing off for me. Showing me Your ability and giving it to me.
The Words pouring me out, pouring You in.
A mirror that shows Your face to me.

Grace, grace, wonderful grace. Anointing my head with oil. Dripping from my eyelashes. Saving me to You.
Daily, constant, beyond me.
So much given to me, and so little received unto You. What is my worth? Priceless, to You.

Wisdom, sobering... thoughtful. Making straight my ways. Holding my eyes not to the left nor to the right.
Giving to me length of days, and joy in the morning.
Saving me from the little foxes that destroy the vine.

Love, foundation of trust. Healing me, balm of Gilead.
I will love them freely...
Greatness known, yet not understood completely.
Pages wet with my tears, crinkling the golden edges.

You have given to me a letter.
Love pouring out.
Words written for me.
I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine.

February 15, 2011


1)  Old friends.
I love you, old friends.
I love being with you, hanging out.
I'm glad you're glad I'm back.

2)  Spring.
I miss you, spring time.
I can't wait to see you again.

3)  My bank account.
I hate you, bank account.
You're real lousy.
And you're never enough.

4)  Little baby, little Sparkle Rose.
I love you.
I wish you didn't go away.
I was looking forward to naming you.
And holding you close to me.
You make me cry.

5)  Bro. and Mrs. Hoover.
I love you.
I just do.

6)  Gloria.
My friend.
You're dear to my heart.

7)  Cooking.
I hate cooking, BUT... I cooked the other day.
Fried chicken and stuff.
AND... it was perfectly edible!
*patting myself on the back*

8)  Me.
I'm not photogenic.
I wish I was. My dad complains about the pics I send.
I had my own personal photo shoot last night with myself, my cell phone, and my bathroom.
This is the closest I got to a good shot...

I know. Pathetic. My phone slipped at the last minute.
Otherwise this would've been a hot picture of me, right?
You like my shower curtain?

9)  Lily Anne.
Little niece of mine.
She wants to spend the night with me every. single. night.
I come to you house, Sunny???
It makes me feel super special.

10)  Lord in heaven.
You are mine.
And I am Yours.
I like to remember that.

February 10, 2011

spring, please

I have spring fever.
Real bad.
Super duper bad.

I've loved all the snow and the cold and winter and stuff... but please, may we have spring early this year, God? 

*on my knees begging*                           


*with carefully folded hands*

I'd be very thankful.

I want to plant things.
I want a farmer's tan.
I want to smell like sunblock.

I want dirt under my fingernails.
I want to go to the nursery and buy little plantlings.
And grumble over the nursery's outrageous prices.

I'm pouring over seed catalogs.
I'm wistfully drooling over the yellow tulips at Walmart.

I want to see the cherry trees in bloom. They're my favorite.
I'd even like to spray for aphids.
(Stupid things. Don't know why they try to live on my roses. They know I'll spray them flat dead.)

And mostly, I'd like to wear my flip-flops again.
I hate wearing real shoes.

Only like three more months to wait...


February 09, 2011


My brothers that is.
Jason and Jack.
Two very different guys.
Yet... two peas in a pod.

They sent these pics to my moma.
On the same day...
They weren't together...
Yep, two peas in a pod.

Can you get any dorkier?



February 05, 2011


The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places...     -Psalm 16:6

Very pleasant.
Very calm.
Very peaceful.
Very happy.
Very content.

I wanted to sit down and write a list (because I love writing lists) about what God's done for me just in the last three weeks.
I started to.
But then I got overwhelmed.
There's so much, so many things to write down.
So let this suffice...

I've never been in such a place before. A quiet place.
Such quietness.
I feel like when Christ raised His hand and said, Peace be still.
Or when He said, Be still and know that I am God.
He's raised His hand and covered my spirit, my soul with His calm, and in that calm helped me to know that He is God... in control of all my goings on.

Normally when I think of my cup overflowing, it's with giddy excitement. Ultra happiness.
But this is different... better even.
This isn't an overflow fountaining, spouting up.
It's a steady, constant overflowing that pours down over me.
Comforting, nourishing, calming.
Like a nap in a hammock on a warm, sunshiny day.

"Blessed quietness, holy quietness... everything is turned to gladness."

My cup runneth over.

February 02, 2011

baby names

This post is for Karen. My big sister who's pregnant with her seventh baby girl.
Well... maybe it'll be a boy.
But the odds are certainly against it since all Karen has had so far are girls. Six of them.
So I'm not holding my breath.

Are you there?
Listen to your sister.

I've been doing some research for you.
Ava Claire is definately the best name ever.
(Can I name this baby, Karen? You got to name the other six. You shouldn't be greedy about this...)

Ava, origins and meanings: (Germanic) strength; desired; (Hebrew) alive; (Latin) bird; (Persian) voice, song, sound; (French) the juniper tree
The name was made popular by actress Ava Gardner.
She's so beautiful.

Claire, origin and meaning: (Latin) clear, bright
Claire is a sweet, sweet name that makes me think of eclairs.

Heaven help me.
I'm going to buy one of those from the doughnut shop around the corner from my house right now.

How can you pass up a such a sweet, pretty name?
I love the meanings. Except juniper tree. That one's kinda random.
But no pressure, Karen.
If you don't want to use that name, I have others.

Sophie- (Old Greek) wisdom.
Norah- (Latin) honored, honorable; (Old Greek) bright one, shining one.
Zoey- (Old Greek) life.
Lorraine- (Old French) laurel, bay.
And of course, Sparkle Rose Cute- ( big sister Emma) just sounds so pretty.

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.    -Proverbs 22:1

February 01, 2011


Some things put my happy face on.

1)  The color yellow.
I love that bright sunshiny color right now.
I want this yellow couch. It makes me happy to look at it.

2)  I played this game at a ladies party one time.
We had to answer a whole bunch of questions and one of the questions was who does the color yellow make you think of?
Everyone said me. Of course.
I said my sister-in-law Jenny.
Because she's bright and sunshiny and makes me laugh.

3)  There's this person I kinda know. I've sat and talked to her a couple times.
She's elderly, and probably the worst hypochondriac I've ever met.
Here's a conversation with her.

"So how have you been?"

"Oh, not good. Not good at all. *sigh* My legs have been real fidgety. My teeth can't chew beef. My hernia from 35 years ago is acting up again. *sigh* I had one of my spells last night. I've had diarrhea for two weeks solid. *sigh* The doctors are stumped." *lots more sighing*

"Oh, that's too bad." *trying to think of something positive to say* "Oh look! What a nice picture of your grandson!"

"Yeah he's a good kid. His cousin got decapitated by a semi trailer when he was riding his motorcycle one time." *sigh*

Et cetera.
And although I really do feel bad for her, (Please don't think I'm being cold hearted.) I couldn't help but think of something the whole time I sat and listened to her.
I kept thinking of that line from Nacho Libre... "Don't you know I've had diarrhea since last Easters???"
I'm sorry.

4)  I need to watch Nacho Libre again.
That movie can make me laugh until I pee my pants.

5)  Being home.
*enormous happy face*

6)  I beat everyone at Wii golf.
Let me say that again.
I'm the queen.

7)  Every morning when I go outside, I can hear these little birds singing.
There are three ugly, brown, bare bushes in front of my apartment building and the birds cover those bushes just singing their little hearts out.
They sound so happy and I love seeing them.
They're fat, round, plain brown little birds. And it's the middle of winter.
But they don't seem to care. They just sing like they're supposed to.

8)  It's been so sunshiny these days!
I love the sunshine... even if it is like zero degrees out there.
Sunshine is good for my soul.

9)  How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.    
-Psalm 36:7

10)  I like the word lovingkindness.
And I like knowing that I'm under the shadow of His wings.