August 30, 2010


I adore these pictures of Lily and Molly.
I couldn't decide which one was my favorite so I'm putting them all on.

August 23, 2010


I've been spending some time over at the Hoover's in Montana, and I just have to say, I'm glad God made them.
They have this way of making a person feel a deep down comfortable.
I feel like I'm in another world when I go there. A very good world.
A world where you go out and take a nap in the hammock while the chickens roam free, clucking their hearts out.
Where Country Living magazine is a staple.
Where living for the Lord isn't a just is.
Where laughter doeth the heart good.
Where even vegetables almost look edible.....I ate peas in a pasta salad the other night.
Where the sprinklers aren't underground, but are attached to the water hose and waving happily around in the garden.
Where we can all crowd together on the couch, and watch Tim Hawkins on Lisa's laptop. And laugh until we cry.
Where you can be downstairs, and still hear what everyone is saying upstairs.
Where you walk to the neighbor's to buy fresh milk. Which is disgusting, by the way. I gag just thinking about it.
Where you  can shoot your gun off the back porch just because it's fun.
Where when you leave, they say, "Hey, when you coming back?"

It's just relaxing.
A blessing.

I like 'em alot.

August 20, 2010


Karen and I took the girls to Silverwood yesterday.
Never again. will I. do that.
Not that it wasn't fun, it was just so exhausting.

I got a laugh out of the girls though.
( I'm sorry if you get tired of hearing everything that comes out these girl's mouths. I think they're stinkin' hilarious, and if you don''re kinda......lame.)
Here's the best of the girls from Silverwood:

Emma, as we were waiting in line for the big yellow water slide, burying her face in my stomach: "I really wish I hadn't come'd here."

Emma, the whole time we were going down the slide, tears streaming down her terrified face: " I really hate this ride!!! I really don't like this ride!!! I really want off this ride!!! "

Emma, as we walked away from the slide, her face all Little-Miss-Sunshine again: "Moma! That was so much fun! Let's do it again!"

Leah, while we were sitting in the grass watching a cheerleading competition, admiring the way the guy cheerleaders could hold up the girls with one hand: "You know what would be so embarrassing for those girls? If the guys were holding them up, and the girl  farted."

Hannah, after being talked into riding the Panic Plunge with me, trying to sound brave and unable to keep the quaver out of her voice, waving her hands around matter of factly: "You know, Sunny Jane, if it turns out they don't have enough seats on this ride for everyone, I could just sit out and let you go. I don't want you to have to sit out and let me go. I know this is your favorite ride and all."

Lucy, all day long: "The Aftershock is my favorite ride. I absolutely have to ride it today. I have to."

Lucy, bursting out after waiting in line at the Aftershock for 40 minutes: "I can't ride it. I will if you want me to, but I really can't ride it!"

Karen, trying really hard to bribe Lucy into not chickening out (I don't know why though because Karen was too scared to ride too) : "Lucy. If you ride, I'll give you a dollar. No wait, I'll sponge roll your hair. You love your hair sponge rolled."

Me and Karen both, after spinning around on the Paratrooper: "Puke. Vomit. And more puke."

Hannah and Leah

Emma and Lucy

Me feeling sick, and Karen barely surviving the day. Rough looking couple of sisters:)

Lucy never did ride her favorite ride, and I agree with Leah, that would be embarrassing.

August 16, 2010

lions, and tigers, and bears

Me, Karen, and the girls saw this little bear cub on the way to the Hoovers last Thursday.
Just playing with a stick in the middle of the street. It was adorable, lumbering along.
We were estatic.
I have never so completely lost myself in delighted excitement until that moment.
(Ok, all of you who have not only seen a bear, but think it's old hat.....this was my first bear sighting ever so don't make fun.)
I wasn't the only dork. Karen was pretty danged excited too.
She squealed just as much as me.

What struck me as funny though was when I came into work the next day.

I was excited about that bear cub because it was cute, and fuzzy.
I liked the way it kept knocking that stick around playfully.
I thought its feet were funny and uncommonly similar to a Who's.
And it was my first time so up close and personal to actual wildlife. Like, wildlife not in a cage at the zoo.

The guys at work, however, had a different point of view.
They weren't impressed by baby bear's fuzziness.
" How big was the moma bear? Bear season starts on- insert date.I would use such and such kind of gun to kill her. You would use what kind of gun? No, you bonehead, this is why you should never do that when hunting a bear......blah, blah, blah. Last time I went hunting blah, blah, blah. Why are you so excited to see a bear cub? It's not like you can hunt them down, and kill them, and eat their meat, and brag about your amazing hunting skills, or wear its pelt for warmth. Last time I went hunting blah,blah, blah."

Ok, guys, so you have a point.
But, I will be excited if I want.
So there.

August 14, 2010

sister mine

Thank you, Lord, for Karen.

Thank you that she loves me. Unconditionally. Without fail.
That she is always, always there for me.
That she cares for me.
That even when I've disappointed her, she comes to my rescue.
That she is on my side, even when she can't take my side.
That she never turns me away.
That she is never too busy for me.
That she tries to carry my burdens for me.
That she tries to dry every tear I cry. Or at least give me a Kleenex.
That she listens to me, rebukes me, guides me.
That no matter how much we disagree, we still can't live without each other.
That she laughs with me over corny jokes, that no one else gets, until we pee our pants, and understands the importance of a merry heart.
That she can read my mind by looking at my face.
That she tiptoes when I'm asleep.
That she shares her treasured, hoarded chocolate with me.
That she texts or calls me when I'm down. Just to send me a smile.
That she looks at me over the piano at church to laugh about Tim's Alfalfa.
That she always invites me for dinner because I hate to cook even more than she does.
That she thinks of me in every way. Remembers how much I need her.
That she encourages me get back up. And to floss. And to sing. And to take one of the girls to my house for the night when she needs a break and I need the company.
That she thinks I'm the best even when she knows I'm the worst.
That she still wants me to go shopping with her every. single. time. even though she knows I hate shopping and will be in a bad mood the whole time.
That she wants my opinion all the time.
That she doesn't mind me drinking out of her cup.
That she misses me as much as I miss her when one of us is away.
That she tries to make me eat my vegetables.
That she gives me coupons for random things all the time.
That she is just as confused by computers as I am.
That she knows me in and out.

That she and I share the same heart.
Because she loves me, and I love her back, and that's the way it is when you love someone.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me such a sister, such a friend.
You outdid yourself.

August 13, 2010

baby dear

This morning Karen put Lily in her highchair with some dry Cheerios.
Normally Lily loves Cheerios.
But not today.
Today she was looking at them hopelessly, whimpering.
Karen asked her what was wrong.
She pointed at the Cheerios, and scornfully said,....

"Dats baby food."

Oh, baby dear, you're only two.
Don't grow up so fast. Stay little, stay chubby, stay sweet.
Keep eating your Cheerios, and love it.
My heart loves you so small.

August 12, 2010

that quick, huh?

Lucy spent the night with me last night.
She had an interesting observation to make while she watched me getting dressed this morning.

Lucy: "You know that big scrapbook you have? It says in it that Mom and Dad were married in 1990."

Me: "Yep."

Lucy: "Well, but I thought Leah was born in 1990."

Me: "She was. Mom and Dad were married in March, and Leah was born in December. Mom got pregnant right away."

Lucy, totally aghast: "Holy cow!!! It's like they walked in the door, and didn't even have time to get settled! Oops, I'm pregnant!"

Me: *cautious silence*

Yep, Lucy.
Pretty much.