July 31, 2010


Girls raised in the south.....

Shelly and Abigail

July 26, 2010


Karen, Tim, and all the girls are leaving for North Dakota in the morning. They'll be gone for a couple weeks or so.

I hate when they're gone....it's soooo quiet without Lily's non-stop gabbering.
Molly's super sonic speed, lightening fast crawling. Her cuddle bug ways.
Emma's princess drama.
Hannah's dimple. The one that's so annoying when you're trying to punish her.
Lucy's motherly monotone.
Leah's little-miss-grown-up-I-want-to-be-just-like-Aunt Sunny Jane attitude.
Karen's listening shoulder.
Tim's being there.
(Yes. I did move out. But I'm  still over there all the time. To the point where Tim asks me every time I come over, "Hey didn't you move out one time? Why are you back? Did I say you could come back?")

It's Tim's 20 year class reunion, hence the leaving me here all by my lonesome. One of his classmates said the reunion would be lame because everyone is still the same. Tim said, not so....he has cut his mullet off since then. That would make a life-changing difference in anyone, right?

I wish they would stay.

I really do.

*sniff, sniff...*

On the up side, Sherry is going with them so I'm staying at her house.
She has three things that I don't:  tv, internet, and real A/C (real, as in not a window unit).

Goodbye beloved family, hello modern technology.

July 24, 2010

good mommy

And sister

I love you this much, Shelly Belly.

July 20, 2010

heat waves

Things I like to do in the summer:

Sit in front of the A/C.
Sit in front of the A/C with a box fan on all three other sides of me.
Sit in my car with the A/C on high, and all vents pointed in my direction.
Eat cold things.....popsicles.
Stand in the freezer section at the nearest grocery store.

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.....

July 18, 2010

athletic prowess

I don't know about you, but I totally, completely suck at sports.
Any sport, anytime, anywhere.
Uncoordinated (big time). Impatient. Frustrated. Slow reflexes.Everything an athlete should avoid being.
I was on a softball team once, much to my teammates dismay. I was the #1 bench warmer.

That said, I played tennis yesterday with Adam, Heather, Leah, and Lucy.
Adam and Heather know how to play....it was my first time to ever hold a racket.
I loved it!
Who knew tennis could be so much fun???

Heather says we're the white versions of Venus and Serena. True dat, Heathah.

Look! I'm connecting with the ball!!!

Ballet? Very similar to tennis.

Heather knew all kinds of cool poses....

Adam catching a hard serve from Heather :)

I missed the ball, and mangled my thumb instead. It hurt.

Not sure...

The definition of focus.

The definition of dedication.....or commitment....or something.

Athletic prowess, oh yeah.

July 11, 2010


Emma Dear and Bayley Roo spent the night with me last night.
I loved hearing their little giggles coming from the other room after we went to bed.
Why is everything so exciting, and so magical to a five year old?
Their imaginations run overtime. I love it!

Bubble Queens

They went to the park in pjs, sparkley shoes, and crowns. HUGE grins from ear to ear. Some punk, bully kid came up, and was spitting at the 'dumb princesses'. They just looked at him like he was the idiot and continued playing. Nothing could dampen their happiness. I, however, couldn't let it go....I called him a fat punk. I couldn't help it. I felt kinda ashamed of myself for getting so mad at a ten year old, but then again, it was satisfying. And he was fat.

I love little girls in sponge curlers!

July 10, 2010

Cutie patooties


Emma dear

She's addicted to her fingers

The child has style......

July 06, 2010


Jack got saved last night.  

*happy tears*

Two months ago he was politely 'not interested'.
Never rude about it, just didn't care to discuss salvation at all.

Jack wanted Tim to be with him when he got saved, so after praying for, and working with, Jack for 8 years, they went out to eat last night and did the deed.
Praise God!

This feels kinda surreal.
I almost thought it would never happen.
Talking to Jack is talking to a new person now.
He isn't just my boss any more.
He's my brother in Christ.

I love you, brother:)

July 01, 2010

Cherry on top

My moma stayed with me this week.
I loved having her.
Sometimes I forget what it's like having her in the house every day.

She cleans.
She sews.
She cooks.
She cleans again.
She organizes my dresser drawers because, like Emma's, mine are all gobbled up.
She runs errands for me. The bank, my car tags.....
She talks.
She listens.
She watches movies with me.
She leaves me little notes on the kitchen counter.
She kisses me goodnight.

I like her.
I also love her.

The last week has been a really good week.
Full of warm fuzzies.
It's been like a chocolatey, gooey, nutty ice cream cone on a summer day.
Every. single. day of it.

Moma was the cherry on top.