February 22, 2014

happy 13th and i love lucy

Today is Lucy's 13th birthday. Now Karen has two teenagers in the house. Sniff. Why do they always have to grow up? Karen and Tim are out of town, and Lucy was a little sad about that so we tried to make it special. There was a birthday brunch with lots of sprinkles, a hot oil hair treatment, and Leah made the cutest gold birthday banner.

She has the prettiest smile.

Making friendship bracelets with her sisters.

Everything is better with sprinkles.

Miss Piggett

That hot oil was really hot. I burned myself.

Leah was embarrassed about that shower cap. But I thought she was cute!

Lucy is kind. She is smart. She is tenderhearted. If she knows someone is sad, she's sad too. She weeps with those who weep.
She's motherly too, and swings babies around on her hip.
She plays the violin, and is the best at fixing hair. She can do a mean fishtail. And she has a servant's heart.
She's nerdy. She has a deep, monotone voice.
One time when we asked her what rhymed with apple, she replied in her deepest monotone, Dirt. She meant it too.
If it wasn't for Lucy, hairs would never be fixed, babies would never be buckled into their carseats, and we would laugh a lot less.

Happy first day of being a teenager, Lucy Goose!

She Who Has A Shower Cap On Her Head

February 21, 2014

the seven dwarfs

Tim was up preaching last night. He got to Acts 21:8. You know the part when it says, ... Philip the evangelist, which was one of the seven? Then Tim eyeballed us over the pulpit edge and asked, One of the seven what?
To which we all mumbled back answers that we couldn't remember.

Except Hannah.

Hannah piped up from the front row, One of the seven dwarfs?

Yes, dork niece of mine, Philip was one of the seven dwarfs and Snow White was real.
And if any of you have ever wondered what exactly Philip was, now you know.
Apparently, he was a dwarf. This is biblical doctrine at its best.

She Who Is Proud Of Her Niece's Ability To Come Up With Random Stuff Like That

February 19, 2014

happy mail

The other night, I woke up, completely freaked out. I was alone in the house and I heard some noise that wasn't usual. I couldn't place it. And finally, I knew what it was: it was a light switch being clicked on and off.
Someone was in the house, and I don't mean me. Someone was turning the lights on and off. Someone was messing with my mind. Most likely a serial killer in a clown mask.
I sleep with my bedroom door closed and locked for security purposes. So I stood there at the door contemplating the possible demise of my bright future. I thought about calling 911. I thought about calling Rachel or Mom. I thought about how I never made it past yellow belt in all those karate classes. And finally I came up with a really brave plan.
I yanked my door open, ran down the hall like a maniac, grabbed the dog out of the laundry room, ran back into my room, slammed the door shut and locked it. I yelled, Come and get me, sucka!!! Then I went back to sleep with the dog close by, and the nightstand in front of the door. I do not believe in confronting serial killers in the dark.
I woke up the next morning and realized that A) I was still alive, and B) the light clicking on and off was a sensored light and the sensor had gone bad or something. It's clicking over there in the closet as I write this. It's annoying.

And that story has nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of this post. I just needed to get it off my chest.

Anyway. Moving forward.

I woke up Saturday morning with an itch to go buy some fun stuff and mail it off to someone. So I went to Target and scoped out the clearance aisles. I love Target. I love their stuff. I also hate their return policies, but whatever. I always, always find cute stuff there.

So I put together a happy mail package. This was SO fun! I love to give gifts, it's my love language, and I particularly love to give away a bunch of little things at once. Stockings, Easter baskets, happy mail... it's my favorite.

Tip one about happy mail: It should be fun. You should have fun putting it together, and someone else will have fun opening it.

Tip two: It should be happy. Birthday candles are very happy.

Tip three: It should be packaged cute. Washi tape is the best thing ever for packaging.

Tip four: It should have notes. This smashbook pad is my very favorite thing ever. It's perfect for writing a love note.

Sweet, right? I bought every single one they had at Target.

Tip five: It should have something practical. Like tissues.

Or like a hand towel.

Tip six: Most of all, it should have love. Lots of love.

Here's what I like about happy mail: It's a fun, fairly cheap, and easy way to not only express love, but it's also a way to encourage someone. 
So let me encourage you, send some happy mail to a friend. It'll make your day as much as it'll make their's. 


February 18, 2014

they're cute and we love frozen

Frozen has taken us by storm. The girls LOVE it. (Okay, so I happen to love it too. Olaf won me over.)
They can sing all the songs. They may not know every word, but they can mumble like they do.

Karen recorded them singing, and posted it on Instagram. They are adorable. You know it's true. They are.

Those funny faces! I don't know why they feel like they have to make those silly faces for this song, but I'm glad they do. I cannot find the words for how cute they are.

She Who Has Watched This Video 5 Billion Times

February 09, 2014

some of my favorite valentine's day thingys

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan. Everything is pink. I hate pink. It's the worst color ever. (Even though I am wearing a pink dress right now, and I love the dress. But I do wish it was some other color.) Also, I'm usually babysitting on Valentine's Day. Welcome to single life where you are definitely the designated babysitter for all of your married peeps. But Valentine's Day does have a few merits. And it's nice to see couples doing nice things for each other on a special day.

So here are a few of my favorite Valentine's Day thingys:

1. This hair.

I did this to my hair today. I maybe need a little practice, but it still turned out cute. Hello, a heart in your hair. That's cute.

2. My lovebird ring. I love birds. They're my favorite. I have birds all over my house. Moma bought this ring for me at a little shop downtown Christmas before last, and it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

3. These Valentines. I made them for the kids in my Sunday School class. So easy, so cute, and the kids loved them. And they were cheap! I didn't use the printable in the photo. I used cardstock and a sharpie. It worked. And I found some little heart baggies at Walmart to put them in. Heart baggies are also fun.

4. This giant Valentine that I made a couple years ago to remind me everyday that I need to love Christ more.

5. This little part of my house. I like to decorate this area for any holiday if I have the time. Like I said, I don't like pink. My Valentine's Day decorations aren't pink. And there aren't many hearts. And it'll stay up long after Valentine's comes and goes. But still. It's my way of doing it, yo.

6. My love pen.

It's just a purple pigma pen. You can get them at Michael's. Or, if you're a member of Heritage Baptist Church, you can get them from Tim. He has boxes of them in his office. They're $2.50 a piece. Or, as he says, For you I make deal... 2 pens for 5 dolla.
I only have a few and they're great for marking up one's Bible. I'll use any random color to mark up any random thing. The purple one is special though.
The purple one only gets used for love verses. If I'm reading and a verse jumps out and God says, I love you, then I reach for my love pen. The verse might not even be about love. But if it explains God's love to me somehow, then it's a love verse. I refer to the other pens by color. But not the purple one. That one is just the love pen. And I love when I get a chance to use it. It's my favorite.

7. This Valentine. Because it's basically perfect.

Tolerable. Ha! I laugh every time. Poor Elizabeth. I love Mr. Darcy.

The Babysitter Who Hates Pink

February 01, 2014

i love these girls

I always feel like I have to say Lily and Molly. Molly and Lily. I can’t just say Lily, or just Molly. They go together. It’s funny because they really aren’t that much alike. I don’t think they look like each other, or have similar personalities. But they do have a twin-like bond. They’re coffee and cream. Sugar and spice. You can't have one without the other.

Anyway, Lily and Molly.

Karen took Molly to the ear doctor the other day, and she said when they came out of the clinic, the fog was so heavy outside that they could barely see the cars in the parking lot.
Molly solemnly popped her fingers out of her mouth and asked, Mom? Are we walking in the sky? We’re walking in the sky, Mom.
I will forever more consider fog “walking in the sky”.

Karen and Grandma Sherry took all the girls to the Disney store a couple weeks ago, and Molly was like, Gran’ma? Can you buy me something with all your money?
Grandma was like, I didn't bring any money.
So Molly was all, Then let’s go find the man and ask him if this can be the zero store.
Because, hello, if we can have a  dollar store, then we can have a zero store too. And everything would be free.

One should wear high heels when one cleans the bathroom. And a pink fluffy dress.

She needs must suck those fingers. Even in sleep.

Molly asked Tim one day, Dad can you give me an M&M… for loving you?
How could he resist?

She can have all the M&M's in the whole world.

Molly told me today that we should only eat food like Jesus would eat.
Oh really? And what kind of food is that?
Umm... kuhzert and salad. Jesus likes kuhzert a lot.
I don't know about the salad part, but I'm pretty sure Jesus would have us all eat dessert every day.

The girls love a good heater vent. They get that from me.

Lily has this thing about rocks. Every little rock is her friend. Let no rock be left behind is her motto. She came to me in Sunday School a few months back, Sun… I have you a special thing. And she gave me the teeniest little chip of concrete from the sidewalk. And she told me it had diamonds in it.

She also believes in unicorns. Pink ones with rainbows on them.

Anyway, Karen and the whole family were in TX for three weeks, and when they came home, I went over to see them. Lily and Molly met me at the door. Molly hugged me and drooled on my leg. Lily was like, SUN… I BRUNGED YOU SUMPIN‘ SPECIAL!!! And she gave me two rocks. A white one and a redish one.
They have diamonds in them, she said, But not the red one. That one has something else in it.
Like what?, I asked.
Red stuff, she explained.
And there you go. If the geologist in you has ever wondered what red rocks have them, now you know. Red stuff, that’s what.

Sniffing out her favorite rock. That's right. She sniffs them.

I’m just beginning to realize that Molly is four right now. Next she’ll be 6...8...10. Then she’ll get married. And have kids. And one day shortly, she’ll come over to my house and say, Sun? Need me to help you with your wheelchair? And I won’t be able to answer her because my dentures will have fallen out.

I don't know what we'll do without a baby in the house.

Hello. My name is Audrey Hepburn. I got style like nobody's bidness. I can wear a sweater on my head.

See what I mean? Every girl needs a heater vent in her life.

On another note, Emma told us the other day that she’d like to be an aunt so she can sit at home all day, making crafts and drinking chi.  Because apparently, that’s all aunts like me do.

Emma enjoying her ballerina clothes and her new pink bike. 
This picture is so Emma. Pink and having the time of her life.

I love these little girls. A few of them are sitting on my couch right now, eating all my popcorn, watching some princess movie for the 5000th time.
I wish they'd never grow up and stop being the little funny, cuties they are right now.

Sniff. Sniff. We Should Adopt A Baby Or Something.