March 31, 2011

making the sun shine

I woke up kinda grumpy yesterday.

... grumpy at the grey sky.
... my bills.
... my messy house.
... my piles of unfolded laundry.
... my unruly hair.
... the zit on my chin.
... the carpet installers banging around upstairs, keeping me from sleeping in.
... other more important things that nag at me sometimes.

But, then God came down from His heaven and did six beautiful things for me, and made me feel ashamed of all my mental mumblings and grumblings.
And my out loud griping.
And my waving my arms about in frustration.
And for wearing my angry eyebrows.
And for rolling my eyes.

I'll tell you about some of it.

When I started working at the Highlands Golf Course five years ago, I made some really good friends. Alot of really good friends. The people over there give me things, take me out for dinner, ask me to come do odd jobs for them, always ask about my family, call me during the winter just to check on me, etc.
I love all of them, but I especially love Jerry and Marilyn. They gave me my living room couches several years ago. But I love them for more than just that. They're nice people. They're my friends and they treat me like a granddaughter. So I was pretty sad when I left the golf course for good last year, I thought maybe that friendship would fizzle out since we wouldn't be seeing each other everyday like usual. Keeping in touch isn't everyone's forte after all.
But, then yesterday morning I got a call from Jerry out of the blue, saying he was heading to the Big Bear Deli and did I want to come for lunch? His treat? Please could I come because they'd really missed me and wanted to talk?
The sun broke out in my heart.
So I met Jerry for lunch... and a midnight truffle blizzard at DQ... and a caramel macchiato at Starbucks.
Two and a half hours and a boatload of talking later, I went home a happy girl.
And thanked God for such good friends.
And for always taking such good care of me.

Then I stepped on the scale and I weigh a grand total of 95 lbs! Might not sound like much to you, but it's alot more than the 89 lbs I've been at for the last several months. I've worked really hard for those 6 lbs! I kissed that scale right on the lips.

Then I went to Walmart and had two women walk up to me, and tell me my hair was so adorable and how did I get it to look like that and could I turn around so they could see it better? Might not sound like much to be excited about to you, but have you SEEN my hair? I gratefully kissed them on the lips too.

Then God took a little simple something and used it to show me that He's in control, and that putting my trust in Him is the same thing as being rock solid. I don't need to stress. I don't need to get frustrated. I don't need to shoot anyone with my shotgun that I don't have. I don't need to roll my eyes.
He's got it all... in His hand.

Then He gave me hope. There's something that I want to happen. A big, life changing something. I've started to feel like it'll never come to pass. Too many obstacles. But lately, God's been giving me renewed hope in it. If it's His will, it'll happen. Period. Who am I to say that it can't happen just because it's slow going? Who do I think I am? With God, anything's possible!

Then something else popped up, but I'm not telling you what. It's still in the works and I don't want to jump the gun. Because I always jump the gun. But as soon as it happens... you'll be the first to know. I kissed the whole world on the lips at this point.

I woke up with a bad attitude, but instead of asking me what my problem was, God knocked on my front door with an armload of early birthday presents. Instead of saying, Hey bonehead! What's the dealio???, He just said, Hey... I love you. Instead of a kick in the pants, I got sunshine.

God has this way of making the sun shine when there ain't no sun at all.

Because He's God and that's what He does best.
I love when He does that.

March 30, 2011

what i like about spring

1)  Warmer weather.
I have shivered my way thru this past winter and I'm over it.
I want to be warm again.

2)  The flowers.
Spring flowers are a glorious bursting forth of new life.
They're full of promise.
And they're the prettiest flowers of the year... tulips, cherry trees, daffodils...

3)  Pulling out my Spring/Summer clothes and shoes.
I wear boots all winter long, so pulling out my high heels and admiring my legs in them is such a blast.

4)  The smell.
I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
And new, green plants.
And freshly turned dirt.
And the inside of the nursery greenhouse.

5)  Seed catalogs.
I pour over seed catalogs for hours every Spring.
It's addicting to look at all those plants I can't afford.

6)  The sounds.
After winter is past, you can hear all the neighborhood kids screaming outside.
And lawn mowers.
It's a happy sound.

7)  The colors.
Bright and fresh and everywhere.
Slowly but surely. 
Spring is the color of hope.
Green and unfurling.

March 29, 2011

more than ten

1)  Tim says Karen woke up on the plane home and squinted her eyes towards the dark outside...
Tim? Is that the sun or the moon??? It looks weird.
He hated to tell her, but she had asked so...
Karen... Babe... it's the light on the end of the airplane wing.
Karen says it was just one of the side effects from all the Dramamine she'd taken.

2)  He didn't really hate to tell her.
He's glad he can tell this story to everyone else.
He'll use it in a sermon.

3)  Dizty runs in our family.
All of us girls suffer from it.

4)  I got the loveliest Tongan bird necklace from Blair.

And a green flower one from Karen with earrings to match.
I love them both.
I feel like a Tongan native... except not as tan.

5)  It's good to have Karen back.
The girls say all we do is talk a long time.
Well, duh, girls.

6)  There's nothing louder than six little girls saying, Welcome home, Mom and Dad!!!

7)  I have a cute little nephew named Joshua who lives way down in Alabama.
He's five and blonde.

His moma sent me this text the other day:
asked joshua t show me what was n his hand.
it was a key so i asked if it was the key t his heart.
he said yes.
i asked him what i wld find if i opened it n he said God.

8)  I love that he said that.
Sweet, sweet child.
Sweeter than cotton candy.

9)  The Missoula April meeting is next Mon-Tues.
I get to go!
Pretty excited about that.

10)  I've discovered a new food group.
Hostess chocolate Zingers.
They are. the most. EXCELLENT food. ever created.
I've had a whole bunch in the last two days.
I'm trying to gain weight so that's my excuse.

11)  I waxed my own eyebrows the other day.
Never done that before.
Most of my eyebrows are still there, but I had angry eyes for a couple days.

12)  I've had a tic in my left eye for about 6 weeks.
It spread to various other places on my anatomy as well.
VERY annoying.
So I googled the whys and wherefores of tics.
I have Tourettes. I need to see a doctor immediately.
Anyway, that's what the internet told me. I understand myself so much better now.

13)  I went to Bible study at the Miller's and Thomas poured some magnesium powder in my water and made me drink it.
It tasted like... something sour.
But I no longer have Tourettes.
Apparently having a magnesium deficiency can also cause tics.
You learn something new every day!

14)  Every now and then I get the violent urge to get my shotgun out and shoot someone.
Disclaimer: I don't actually want to KILL anyone. Just maim or disfigure. And only people who deserve it.
But then I remember I could go to prison for that.
Also, I don't have a shotgun so that's an obstacle.
Oh, well.

15)  I can't. wait. for Spring.
I love new life!
It's so fresh and clean and smells wonderful!

March 26, 2011

broccoli and chocolate

Karen gets back tonight! (and Tim)
Yay! Yay! Yay!
I'm so glad they'll be back, but I'll miss the girls.
I've absolutely loved having them with me.
They can be a handful... but they're also a vital part of my heartbeat.

I like playing house.
It's hard work and fun all tangled together.
... you take the broccoli with the chocolate.

It's frustrating, but it's rewarding.
It's slimy, but it's warm and fuzzy.
It's hair raising, and it's thrilling.

It's poopy diapers and slobbery kisses.
Coughs and bubble baths.
Smashed little fingers and squeeze tight hugs.
Snobby retorts and sweet I love you's.

It's stepping on Barbies on my way to the bathroom during the night.
Getting up earlier than usual to make pancakes for little girls who are always "hungy".
Giving out princess bandaids for non-bleeding, invisible papercuts.
Going to Walmart for one reason only... to check out the toys. Barbies in particular.
Going to reading hour at the library and listening to cheesy little kids rhymes... and not minding at all.
Listening to long stories about... Last night I had dis dream an' it was like ROAR and then like I's scared but then uummm... I turned PRINCESS and ate candy and wasn't scared anymore and then uummmm... I don't 'nember the rest. Hey, Sunny! Can we get a princess movie today?

It's breaking up fights...
She's staring at me!
She's hugging me!
She's following me!
Her leg is touching my chair!
She won't play with me!
She has my Barbie!
How come she gets the front seat???
But I wanted to watch Shirley Temple!!!
She put her apple on MY side of the table!
She won't let me use her lip gloss when I always let her use mine!

It's the satisfaction of knowing you're doing something worthwhile.
The happiness of seeing good results.
Watching every. single. Barbie movie ever made. Over and over and over.
Ditto Shirley Temple.
Ditto Little House.
And ditto anything princess.

It's saying, Eat your vegetables or else. What's that? I don't care if I never eat mine... YOU'RE GONNA EAT YOURS!

And... Girls! The sun is shining! Don't tell me you don't want to play outside! Get out there!

And... What do you mean it just broke by itself? You're saying it was sitting there and you were on the other side of the room and it shattered into a million pieces on its lonesome? Spontaneous combustion? I don't believe you. That was my GRANDMOTHER'S!

Also... No. You're not an orphan. Your parents are just out of town.

It's curling up in bed together to read Fancy Nancy and The Princess and The Pea.
Finding little socks under the couch. And behind the toilet. And under my bed. And in my Tupperware cupboard.
And finding Ritz crackers in my snow boots.
Doing countless loads of laundry.
Wiping endless runny noses.
Brushing tangles out of stubborn hair, and saying, You can stop crying. I know it's not hurting you that bad. I know you're fake crying when you flare your nostrils.
Mopping up spilt apple juice. And mashed potatoes. And cereal. And other miscellaneous foods.
Trying to pull a reluctant loose front tooth and hearing, *sobs* Nooooo! Stop, it hurts! I hate pulling teeth! I hope I never get loose teeth again! *much weeping and wailing and gnashing of non-loose teeth* But then I yank it out anyway and am rewarded with a gap toothed grin, all pain and suffering forgotten.
It's being compared to Audrey Hepburn by loving little girls who think I'm the greatest.

But mostly, it's about loving each other.

... and cleaning Vaseline off the bathroom walls.

March 25, 2011

bun in the oven

This is my friend Heather.
And Adam, the husband.

This is Heather playing tennis.
She can be pretty competitive...

This is Heather's bun in the oven...

Get it???
She's having a baby!!!
I'm pretty excited. We can do all kinds of baby shopping and planning. And I can say, Heather. THIS is how you swaddle, and stuff like that.
I've been keeping it a secret for two weeks and it's been killing me.
Heather told me last night that she's finally told all of her family... so I can bust out the good news now.
I. cannot wait. to see Heather and Adam with a baby.

Here's Heather with babies/little kids right now:

What do I do with it???
How do I hold it???
Will it break???
Why is it squirming around like that???
Why does it smell? It has POO??? Take it!!! *gag, gag, puking motions*
When my baby cries, I'll just tell it to be quiet and it'll obey, of course.
When it comes time to potty train my baby, I'll have the job done in one day flat.
Kids should be seen and not heard.
Don't you back talk me little kid!
When my baby poops, Adam will change it. He's good at that kind of stuff. He'll be such a great daddy!

You think I'm exaggerating?
I'm not.
She's come a long way though.
She knows how to hold a baby now, and P.J. is a baby and he absolutely loves Heather. Runs to her every time he sees her.
She and Adam will be great parents.


Heather graduated from Gonzaga Law school last year with all kinds of honors and prizes and trophies so now she's an attorney, or a lawyer, or something really smart like that. We're all very proud of her smartness.
Normally she's the one telling me all kinds of smart stuff while I sit there with my eyes glazed over, but now.... Ha!
Now I get to scare her with all kinds of  what-happens-when-you're-pregnant-and-then-you-have-a-baby-and-then-it-turns-into-a-little-kid stories.

This is my chance to finally get back at her for being smarter than me.

So, Heather... you know that you lose control over your bladder, right? Yeah. Don't jump around too much or you'll pee your pants. For the rest of your life.

Hey, Heather... stretch marks? Irreversible.

Heather... morning sickness? You'll probably puke at least once in the court room. Don't worry. Just tell them you're pregnant and they'll most likely clean it up for you. Besides, morning sickness only lasts like three months. Unless you're one of those women who's sick the whole nine months. Then it lasts for like... nine months.

Did you know babies sleep in the day time and keep you up all night? Did you know long term sleep deprivation has caused death in lab animals?

Ever heard of colic? Chicken pox? Scarlet fever? Measles? Strep throat? Croup? Small pox?
Kids get all of those like once a year.

Your kids will poop on the carpet just like everyone else's.

And they'll tell you they did their chores, but really... they were picking their noses and wiping it on the walls.

Did you know you'll have really weird cravings while pregnant? My mom knew this woman who craved leather. She chewed on her belts. And her shoes. She had to buy new ones after the baby came.

Postpartum depression?'s ok. I'll come check on you every day. I do it for my sisters.

But it's all WORTH IT, Heather.

*evil, sinister laughter*

I'm just kidding, Heather...

Small pox is pretty much extinct these days.

getting spoiled

Hannah got to spend the last two weeks with my Moma and Dad.
She had a good time... getting spoiled rotten.
She wrote this while she was there and wanted me to post it.


Yesterday was a very cold, wintery day. Brrrrr. Granny and I decided to go to the Artic Circle. Since I had a choice of real food or ice cream, I decided we should get special shakes. There were so many different yummy kinds! I had a hard time choosing which one looked the yummiest! Well, since I have good taste, I finally picked small Oreo shake. Granny slowly (in Granny mode) picked a hot fudge, Oreo sundae.

Since it was a very cold day outside, it made Granny and I shiver to eat the icy-cold treats. I had a hard time eating my shake because I got kinda full and had too many brain freezes for a long time. Actually, Papa helped me finish it that night. I ate most of it. I liked mine the most. I kind of like fudge, but not a lot. Well, another reason from why we went there was Papa is on a diet. And he can't have sugar and he does not like that in the house.

Granny was very funny. We had lots of fun that day!

By Hannah, age 8
(with a little help from her Granny:)

March 24, 2011


Lily, watching me roll out of bed: "Shlunny! Your hair is FAT!!!"  ...using her very astonished voice.
My bedhead = fat hair that sticks out to THERE and then some.

Lily, after I had showered and blow dryed my fat hair:  "Shlunny! Look! It's you!" ...pointing to a picture of gorgeous Audrey Hepburn hanging on my bathroom wall.
... I didn't bother to correct her.

Before the blow dryer:

And after:

I obviously improve after... well...
... make-up and blow dryers and flat irons and elbow length gloves and stuff like that.

March 23, 2011

so flattered

I love my blog.
I weely, weely do.
(Sorry. Lily's standing next to me, telling me she weely, weely loves me and oh! there's some candy right there! Can she have it???)
(Of course, her weely loving me has nothing whatsoever to do with the candy sitting next to me.)
(Neither do those big, puppy dog eyes she's giving me.)

This blog is my space, my outlet, my pathetic obsession.
But as much as I love this blog, I don't expect other people to.
After all, it's MY blog. My creation. My words. My thought dominoes. My something or another.
I'm supposed to love it because it's mine, but other people are under no obligation to like it.
(Except my parents. My parents have to love me, my blog, and my cooking. It's in the contract.)

It's so very flattering to know that other, non-obligatory people actually read my blog.
And like it! Alot!

I have followers that I don't know from Adam, who live off in Timbuktu somewhere.
I get emails from blog readers.
Text messages, hey read ur blog 2day... ur so talented. (Talented! Me! I'm talented!)
I'm on other people's blog lists... because they like me.
My fans stop me in Walmart, begging for my time and autograph... just kidding. That one hasn't happened. Yet.
And I bask in all the attention, blushing demurely.

So, to my fan club out there, I'm glad you like me.
Because I weely like you too.

March 22, 2011

unsearchable riches

Sometimes I feel like Job.

Not because I'm perfect and upright.
Not because I suffered great trials in the midst of serving God with all my heart.
Not because I have three sorry friends... miserable comforters.
Not because I have boils.

You know how sometimes it's so easy to relate to whichever Bible character you're reading about?
When I read Psalm, I can relate to King David like I've been with him every step of the way.
I usually understand Paul.
I get where Peter's coming from.
... et cetera.
I can look at their lives and see pieces of my own.

But Job?
I've never, ever been able to relate to Job.
I've never had anything in common with him.
Unlike Job, if I suffer it's because I've brought it on myself. Period.
But, last night I was skipping around in Job and saw something I've seen before, but have never really stopped to consider.

Job's ending.
So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning...
-Job 42:12

I love Job's ending!
It makes me hug myself.
I love Job's submission to God's will, the way he finally says, "Lord you know everything, things too wonderful for me which I knew not. Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes."
I love that when the storm had passed and calm had come, God accepted Job and blessed him with twice as much as he ever had.
I wonder what God and Job's relationship was like from then on? How wonderful it must've been! Job knew God in a new way from that point forward.
I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.
-Job 42:5

I think that Job must've sat on his back porch, drinking tea, looking over the rolling green hills full of plenty, thanking God for the ten children he'd been given, and said in his heart,"Thou hast turned my mourning into dancing and my sackcloth into gladness".
I think he must've remembered the way things were before and held some sadness in his heart, the ache of loss.
And he must've remembered the hurt of suffering, shuddering in horror.
But he must've felt wave after wave of gratefulness for the ending God gave him, the new beginning, the fresh start anew.

And that, right there, is where I can finally relate to Job.
Because I'm sitting on my 'back porch', feeling that same wave after wave of deep down gratefulness, and saying in my heart... "I like dancing".

Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing:
thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;
To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and be not silent.
O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee forever.
- Psalm 31:11-12

March 21, 2011

one night with the girls

I hope you're not sick of hearing about the girls because... you're about to hear more.

Putting Emma, Lily, and Molly to bed:

9pm... I put the three of them to bed.

9:02... I put them to bed again.

9:04... They say they're thirsty.

9:05... I give them all a drink.

9:11... I yell a lot.

9:15... I give them my angry eyes and make threats.

9:20... Threats are done with and I take serious action, administering punishments left and right.

9:22... They all cry and tell me I'm the wicked witch of the west.

9:22... They're thirsty again.

9:22... I tell them to, "Swallow your spit!!!"

9:30... They creep into my room and say they're scared.

9:31... After staring at them in silence for a few seconds, I tell them I'm about to give them something to be scared about.

9:31... I give them something to be scared about.

9:33... I put them to bed again.

10:55... They finally fall asleep.

11:00... Lily wakes up with the croup.

11:00... The sound of her gagging, choking, barking cough scares the livin' daylights outta me.

3am... Lily and I finally fall asleep, exhausted from watching 6 episodes of Andy Griffith and eating a package of Chips Ahoy.

6am... I feel Molly's little fingers poking my eyes and her little baby voice saying, "Shun foeihsndhybuidttttt??? Ah iuglsuhjsffftttt POUP ohsjhjkdnuuuusyytttyyyy!!!
(Interpretation- "Sunny, you awake yet? I have this really big poop and it's sticking to my butt which I really hate because I'm a very clean baby.")

6:01... I drag myself out of bed, change a poopy butt, brush my teeth, and go make breakfast.

Trying to look innocent...
"What Aunt Sunny??? Is there a problem???"

March 16, 2011

little girls

The girls put together a surprise 'going away' lunch for Karen and Tim the day before they left.
It didn't stay a surprise for very long, but it was sweet.

Karen and Lucy Goose

The party coordinators

The daughter serving the father.
As it should be, amen...

"Pretty sure I can disappear this cupcake in one bite..."

One of the chefs

She was too busy to look at the camera. Duh.

Karen and Tim

Ha. So typical. 

I love little girls.
I'm sure little boys are very nice too, but I love little girls best.

Little girls are all sugar and spice.
And everything nice.

And I love 'em.

March 15, 2011


1)  Karen left me.
She's in Tonga.
(Have I mentioned that before?)

2)  Every time Karen and Tim go out of town, one of the girls gets sick.
Every time.

3)  So... Lily's sick this time.
It's a conspiracy.

4)  She has one of those coughs that makes her gag and choke like Death is just waiting right around the corner.
Scares me witless.

5)  So... since she can't sleep for all the coughing, we stay up until 3 A.M. watching Andy Griffith and eating Chips Ahoy.
Until she drops from exhaustion.

6)  She kinda likes it.
And I kinda like how cuddly she is when she's sick.

7)  She also likes how raspy her voice sounds right now.
She sounds like the Godfather.

8)  "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse..."        Al Pacino- The Godfather.

9)  I can't think of 10 things.
I'm a loser.

March 14, 2011


Barnabas and Epaphroditus.

Two great men.

Know what I love about them? Every. single. time. the Bible mentions them, it's because they're thinking about someone other than themselves. They had this huge compassion for other people, and they spread it around like so much peanut butter and jelly.

Barnabas, the son of consolation. Who sold what he had and laid it at the apostle's feet. Who took Paul under his wing when everyone else was scared to death that Paul would murder them in their beds. Who served Paul and the people. Who didn't give up on John Mark when Paul wouldn't have him around.

Epaphroditus... not regarding his own life. Ministering to Paul, a fellowsoldier, a companion in labour. A man who thought about others even when he was sick and nearly dead.

I wish I was like that.
Why can't that be first nature?
I'm selfish. Impatient. Looking out for my own convenience. Sighing and huffing. Wanting to set people straight instead of letting God do it. Washing my hands of those who don't meet up to my standard.

Oh, I do so want to be like Barnabas and Epaphroditus!

I know four people who are like B. and E.
Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of compassionate, caring people. They're bursting out of the woodwork, but there's just something special about these particular four.
It's like they have this light that shines out of them and gets scattered all around.
A perfect stranger could walk up to any one of those four and know they care.
It's the first thing you think of when you meet one of them. Even if they're in a grumpy mood.
They're tenderhearted, considering others more than themselves.

I find that light lovely.
I admire it.
I study it and wonder how one makes that light their own.

I want that to be my light.

March 10, 2011


1)  Karen leaves for Tonga in a few days.
She'll be gone for two weeks.


2)  Tim is going with her so he can drink coffee with his brother, David.

3)  David is a missionary to Tonga. He has a wife and four kids. Also, a neighbor that yells at the kids. We don't like that neighbor at all. She's a butthead.

3)  Sherry and I will have the girls. But we're being spoiled, the three older girls are being parceled out to various relatives so all we'll have are Emma and the babies.

4)  My fridge is stocked with applesauce, cheesesticks, and corndogs. Little kid food.

5)  Karen will be gone for two weeks.


6)  Tonga is very beautiful. It's in the South Pacific. And it's warm there.

7) Karen is lucky.

8)  Tongan sunset...

9)  Tongan waves crashing on the shore...

10)  Tongan missionaries...

David and Blair

11)  Blair is a missionary's wife and homeschool mom.
She does not wear jean jumpers.

12)  Karen isn't taking makeup.
She's taking swimsuits, flip flops, a ton of stuff for the poor suffering missionaries, and sunblock.
That's it.

13)  She'll be gone for two weeks.
Who am I supposed to talk to???


March 07, 2011

lucky haiku, by leah

Mom and Dad,
I hate to say it,
they get to go to TONGA!
nice and warm,
with pigs by the ocean,
Lucky, lucky.

gets to go to Oregon,
to see my great Uncle Jeff and Uncle Jack,
(whom we, like, never get to see)
Lucky, lucky.

Me and Lucy,
get to go to Heron, MT,
(it's not on the map)
we get to go snowmobiling,
if there's any snow,
Lucky... I think, lucky.

March 06, 2011

church on sunday

I loved church today.

Adam, Tim, and Thomas singing Arise, My Soul, Arise...

My God is reconciled; His pardoning voice I hear;
He owns me for His child; I can no longer fear:
With confidence I now draw nigh,
With confidence I now draw nigh,
And “Father, Abba, Father,” cry.

My nieces singing their special, and forgetting the words, and blushing,
the whole congregation singing their hearts out,
my soul singing back,
I loved church today.
Amen and amen.

March 05, 2011

sisterly stuff

Pioneer Woman is having a sisters photo assignment right now. It's my favorite photo assignment that she's had yet.
I've been inspired by it.
Pioneer Woman often inspires me.
(I kinda wanna be like her when I grow up.)
(I'd stalk her if she lived Idaho instead of Oklahoma.)

So, I'm posting my 'sisters' photos on here.
Since I know my photos aren't good enough for PW.
(Since I'm not a photographer and all.)
And I don't want to embarrass myself in front of PW.
(And I can't bear rejection.)


Karen and Shelly


Welcoming the newest baby sister

Sister Jenny and Mik

Sweet Lulu and Marianna

Shelly, holding a brand new me

Watching dad light the fireworks

Karen, Jenny, and I.

Blue eyes, brown eyes

Easter Sunday, 1987.
Shelly, Karen, and yours truly.
Check out Shelly's shoulder pads.

Flat dead. Pretty much.

Summer time.
Molly, Lily, and Hannah

Those wedgies. Always creeping up on ya.

Water torture.
Emma, Molly, and Lily

Shelly and her girls.
(And Joshua)

Marianna and Lulu again.
These two take the sweetest pictures together.

Shelly and Abi

Snow kisses.
Joy and Cathryn

Piggy back.
Lucy, Hannah, and Leah

Me and Karen's shoulder.
It used to be all of Karen, but...
one time I got mad at her and cut her right out of this pic with a pair of sharp scissors.
She deserved it.

I love my sisters.
And I love my multitude of little nieces.
Sisters are one of God's ways of saying I love you.
I can't do without them.

March 02, 2011


Good grief and holy moly.
This last week has been all kinds of busy.

I've wanted to sit down and tell you about it.
I mean, it's been like almost a week since I've really written anything and I'm suffering from all the words piling up in my head. My head can only hold so much at a time before it explodes into a painful mess.
I'm certain you've suffered without me too. You don't have to say it... I can just tell these things.

So, back to busyness...

Bought a daffodil. So bright yellow and happy, sitting on my kitchen table.

Clipped my fingernails. And toenails. And painted them purple with sparkles.

Painted the girl's nails too and sponge rolled Lucy's hair. She looked like Shirley Temple. I grinned from ear to ear.

I watched Pride and Prejudice again. The old A&E, seven thousand hour version.
That took up most of my week.

I love Darcy, even if he does wear those absurd pants.
Elizabeth is beautiful. Jane is sweetly dull.
Mrs. Bennet cracks me up in an embarrassed way.
And Willoughby? He's the only true to life character... I know someone exactly like him.

Bleached my tub. Because it always has a ring around it. The ring is still there. Stubborn thing.

Hosted Karen's Wildtree party. Because she's sick. It was pleasantly awkward. Also, I cooked and no one died.

Had the girls at my place for a few days. Because Karen's sick and bedridden and trying to recover.

Did some more painting in the ladies room at church. I love the colors we're using. I'm not going to give you a sneak peek. You'll just have to wait until the Grand Opening.

I went to Bible study. I love Friday nights. Friday night means Bible study, and Bible study means lots of fun.
My favorite thing about Bible study is.... reading my Bible. Ha. I'm just kidding. I just wanted to sound super spiritual for a second there.
No, my favorite thing is sitting in a corner and listening to the hum of everyone trying to outtalk each other. It's a loud hum, punctuated with laughter, and I love it because it means everyone's having a great time, enjoying each others fellowship.

Thomas, Adam, and Jake.
Some of the Bible study guys, playing a game for Valentine's day.
I'm not going to comment on Adam's bag.

There's a church in town called Real Life Ministries and they have these cool shirts and hats that say Lifer.
So, since Tim wants to copycat and have even cooler shirts made for our church, Jake suggested our shirts say Tither.
I'd totally wear that.

Had some random guy at the Burger King soda fountain randomly tell me, "By the way, those are some gorgeous brown eyes you got there."

Ran for my life since, by the way, he was a stranger and I'm not allowed to talk to those.

Changed Molly's diaper 40 times in one day and cried because she was crying and asking me why the rash on her bottom hurt so much and could I please make it stop?

Scrubbed the hair spray off my bathroom door. Gave up halfway thru. Who even cares anyway?

I applied for a bazillion million jobs. Ok, maybe not quite that many but close.
Aaannnd... it looks like all my hard work might be paying off! MAYBE.
I don't want to jump the gun, but two of them look very promising. And they're great jobs!
So, cross your fingers. Or better yet, pray until you run out of air.

Tried on all the clothes in my closet and cried because they're all too big. My 'fat' clothes shouldn't be size 0.

Bought lots of chocolate ice cream. I've been eating it every night before bed. It's supposed to pack on the pounds. I desperately need poundage.

Started eating breakfast. Also, supposed to help with weight gain. I'm on a mission here.

Started getting serious about reading my Bible through again. I always drag my feet with those little calender thingys.

Sewed up a big rip in one of my purses. I love that purse. It's green velvet with sequins.

Laughed at Emma when she asked Tim if he could do something for her and he replied, "Probably."  Emma lowered her eyebrows and said,"Mom says probably means no." Tim looked indignant. Karen looked at the floor.

And lastly, I went thru all my picture folders on my laptop. Talk about time consuming. I threw out some stuff and it felt good. Also, I rediscovered some really good old pictures and videos. I'll share this one with you because it's too good to keep to myself...


That's all, folks.
I'm off to change Molly's diaper again.