March 24, 2010


My Uncle Joey died Monday afternoon.

He didn't have an easy life. He made alot of wrong choices that screwed him up royally.
But he was lovable and we wanted him.
His family ached to see him happy and clean.

He was given so many chances to start over.
To do the right thing.
He just couldn't let go of some things.
And when he tried to, there were some people who made sure the wrong things were available to him.

He was just starting over again. He had his own place, a pick-up truck, and a new welder.
He was a smart guy.
Kinda a punk.

Now he's gone.
At forty-one, ox strong.
Died alone without family there, and it breaks my heart.
It breaks my heart to think of all the things he could've done.
All the happiness he missed out on.
All the family missing him now.
It tears me up to think of how I would feel getting a phone call from the cops saying my little brother had died suddenly.

I'm not going to his funeral.
I want to remember what he looked like alive.
When I was sixteen, and he was grilling a steak for me like only he could.
Looking at me laughing because he could make his cat run into the side of house by shining the flashlight at it.
Full of strength and enjoying the dusky evening.
That's how I want to see him.

We'll miss you, dude.

March 20, 2010

Beach happy

First, I am JEALOUS. They're at the beach, and I'm not.
Second, they look so happy. So I'm happy.
Third, I miss them.
Fourth, thank you Phillip.

Charity, Marianna, Jennifer, Cathryn, and Joy

This one tugs at my heartstrings. I love their ponytails.

Phillip and Shelly

Joshua and girls

March 18, 2010


I took the girls out today.
So much fun.
The Cd'A library, the beach, the park, and finally Gooey's.

Leah said it was the best day of her life. I was so happy to hear that until Lucy's monotone voice said," I don't know about that, Leah. I mean the best day? Maybe the best day for today. Not forever."
I'll remember that, Party Pooper Lucille.

Do you ever get that feeling like you're so satisfied, everything's so perfect, that it almost hurts?
That's how today was.

The bridge

Is there anything better than rainbow cupcakes on a sunshiny day at the beach?

Castle park

Mudgy the Moose

Molly's idea of fun.

Huckleberry Gooey.....oh, yeah. It lasted for less than 5 minutes.

Molly begging for more Gooey.

I love you, dear ones.


March 17, 2010


I found this old photo of Emma and I today.
I love it.
It gives me a melting feeling in my heart.

March 15, 2010

The facts

Fact: Karen and Tim went on a week long anniversary trip to the Oregon coast/Seattle this time last year.
Sherry and I watched all the kids while they were gone.
Every. single. one. of. them. was deathly ill the entire time.
So was Sherry.
I managed to stave off disease until the parent's return.
Then I died as well.
For three whole days.

Fact: It sucked big time.

Karen and Tim left this past Sunday afternoon to make the now annual anniversary trip.
Joking as they drove off, "Hope the kids don't get sick this time."
Ha ha ha.

Fact: Three hours later Emma threw up in my lap during church.
Fact: Not feeling too hot myself.
Maybe I'm just paranoid.
The week has only just started.


Fact: How ironic.

March 08, 2010

AA Duracell

I found this in Lily's diaper.
I asked no questions.
She was wearing a onesie and pants so.....

She didn't seem to mind it being there.

March 05, 2010


Someone told me today that I'm strong.
I haven't thought of myself as a strong person in years.

Iron-willed: check.
Determined: check.
Stubborn: double check.
Strong: heck no.

When I think of a strong person, my mother is the first to come to mind.
She's quiet strength personified.

She has used that strength to keep her sanity.
Her family together.
Her heart right with God.
Her marriage pure.
Her friends close.

When her husband made the wrong choice, she honored him.
When her children broke her heart, she held the pieces together.
When her friends deserted her, she said nothing.
When she had to move to a different state every few years, she did so without complaints.
When there was no money in sight, she worked miracles.

She made each new house a home.
She made each new church her place.
She made each new acquaintance her friend.

She found the good in every crisis, and in every enemy.
She never let us know when she was worried.
Or sad.
Or hurt.

She cried herself to sleep.
She bit her nails to the quick wondering what she should do.
But, she never vented.
She never gossiped.

She's had reason to quit.
She's had the right to break down.
She's had enough hurt to run away from.
But, she hasn't.

She's taken life's blows.
She stands resilient.
She trusts in God, and goes to Him with her heartache.

Her children arise up and call her blessed.
I love you, Supermom.

March 04, 2010

Happy, happy anniversary

It's Tim and Karen's anniversary today.
Eleven years.
Six girls.
Plus me.

They've done alot for me the past few years.
Given me a home.
Told me what to do.
Cared for me.
Cooked for me.
Sighed over me.
Laughed at me.
Taken my side.
Without fail.

Thank you guys.
For everything.

March 01, 2010

Far, far away

Jenny sent Karen a text today.
Mikenzie had told her something very important.
She wants to be a missionary when she grows up.
To some place far, far away.

"Where to?", Jenny wanted to know.

"Idaho", she said.