January 30, 2010

Momma said there'd be days like this

You know how sometimes you do something stupid, and afterward you just need some alone time to recover your dignity?
I do that fairly often...

Every year Brandi Jones helps me file my taxes, so last year I drove over to her house on April 15th, as usual.
She was in the office talking to a customer, so I felt free to walk around and explore on my own.
They had just moved into a new house.
You would've done the same thing.
I saw the kitchen.
I saw the little laundry room off the side of the kitchen.
I saw an interesting little door in the laundry room, and wondered where it went.
I slid it open without knocking and saw.....
Brandi's husband.
Dan Jones.
In the bathtub.
With bubbles.
Reading a book.
Looking back at me like I was a retard.
I exited.
I. Was. Mortified.

And that is how I do.

January 21, 2010


I was watching Little House on the Prairie with the girls the other day.

Me:    "Albert is so ridiculously ugly, I almost can't stand to look at him."

Leah:   "Yeah, but have you ever noticed that when the camera zooms in really close to Pa Ingalls' face (and if he didn't have long hair) he looks EXACTLY like Dad?"

Me:   *silence*

I guess so.....

January 16, 2010

This Lily of Mine

It takes me a little while to get attached to the new Baby.
I don't care to hold It.
I don't think It's that cute.
I don't feel at all sorry for It when It's crying. Quite the contrary.....I want to stick It in a room and let It yell It's guts out.

I know, I sound like a monster.
I can't defend myself there.
I think I'm weird too, but I can't help it.

There comes a certain point though when I realize that I love the little screamer with all my heart.

I have really delayed reactions (slow reflexes, whatever you want to call it).
I don't feel that overwhelming love for the little stinkers right away.
It's definately not love at first born.
It takes me a few months.
But, I love that first time when I realize I love It with every fiber of my being.

The first time I realized it with Lily was when she was about 4 months old.
Tim and Karen had gone to visit family in North Dakota for a couple weeks, and left me home alone.
I hate being home alone.
I even missed Lily crying.
When they got home and walked thru the front door I felt....
Overwhelming love for Lily.
I looked at her snuggled into her carseat, and got a huge lump in my throat.
I was so grateful we had her for our's.
I knew right then if anyone other than me ever said she was funny looking (because she kinda was), I would kill them flat dead.
She was beautiful, funny looking and all.

Lily, a couple days old

Big enough now to get into my make-up

And to wear Leah's boots

Brave enough to climb to the top of the ladder

Checking out the guys already

I'm loving her.
I'd say she's a keeper.

January 07, 2010


Kids day the darndest things. Karen has a chart with pictures of all the American presidents and their names for the girl's school.
Emma obviously has been paying the most attention.

The chart

She came excitedly running to Karen with the chart in her hands," Momma, I know who these missionaries are! Some of them come to our church!"

"This one is Bro. Brad Wells," she said.........

The real Brad Wells and family

"And this one is Bro. Tom Bard"......

I don't have a picture of the real Tom Bard, but I have to agree with Emma.....
the similarities are astonishing.

"And this one is....well I don't 'member his name, but I've seen him here sometimes. Yep!"

Yep, indeed.