July 26, 2012

He hugs me while i sleep

Shelly text me the sweetest thing today, and I have to share.

kids have been in vbs all week and came n last nite doubting their salvation or wanting to get saved so Joshua was sitting beside me crying and i asked him what special thing Jesus had done for him, thinking he'd give me the usual "died on the cross for my sins". instead he said, "He hugs me while I sleep". coolest answer ever.

Isn't that sweet? It made my day.
When I thought of that little boy crying and saying Jesus hugs him while he sleeps... I cried myself.
He likes wearing suit jackets, and bought a magic trick kit with his pennies, and sleeps with his stuffed doggie, together in their underwear, and was only three months old when I moved away.
He's still little enough to crawl in bed with mommy, and smart enough to know God hugs him safe while he's asleep.

And sometimes God uses a sweetheart nephew to remind me, Jesus hugs me while I sleep.

She Who Is Hugged