August 07, 2012


Me n' my friend Rachel went to summer camp/Boise last weekend.
Summer camp for adults.
You know you're at adult camp when "nap time" and "coffee time" are on the schedule. And you're more excited about that than jet skis. And then you start talking to your fellow campers about the arthritis in your kneecaps. And then you realize you are your grandmother.

Here's a sad, unfortunate picture of Rachel and I.

I have no idea why I'm clutching her arm with that freaky eyed look on my face. Probably because we were outside. And it was dark and freaky. Also, probably because I wasn't wearing mascara.
Rachel doesn't like that picture of herself (Hi, Rachel. Sorry I posted this picture. I'm waving to your image right now. Remember you love me.), so I found a better one of her.

Excuse me while I die laughing.

One thing you should know about Rachel: she's an epic, unabashed nerd.
It's why I like 'er. She can quote Brian Regan. It's like, who needs Brian Regan when you have Rachel in the car with you?
Some other things you should know about Rachel: A) She really, really likes beef jerky. As in, we were driving home and Rachel ran out of beef jerky, and in my peripheral vision, I saw Rachel licking the beef jerky bag. She says she wasn't licking it. She says she was only emptying the jerky crumbs into her mouth.
Maybe she wasn't licking it. All I know is, after that, anytime Rachel started to panic or something, I gave her the empty beef jerky bag and she calmed right down.
And I would say in calming tones, Just breathe into the bag. That's right... in, out... Or just lick the bag maybe...

(Hi again, Rachel. Remember how we're friends and stuff?)

And B) Rachel is creepy at night. Creepy as in, we had to share a double bed one night and put pillows between us so, you know... it wasn't awkward or anything, and at some point I got a creeped out feeling in my sleep and cracked open one eye, and there was Rachel, all crazy haired, looming over me in the dark, pawing at the pillow between us.
I thought two things, Bertha Rochester somehow got into my room and Give Bertha the pillow.

Other than that, Rachel is fairly normal. In a weird, strange, and likable way.
Also, she's level-headed. As in, right as we were leaving town, I suddenly realized that, RACHEL, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET TO BOISE. 
And I thought maybe we would have to stay home after all.
But Rachel calmly picked up her phone and texted for directions. And then we went to camp.
I admire quick thinking like that in a person. It comes in handy.

I got to see some friends at camp, Katie and Megan. Two of the sweetest, coolest girls I know.

I met them last year when they were driving thru town and called Karen, and Karen was like, You guys should definitely stay with Sunny while you're here! Even though you've never met her! It's fun to stay with total strangers! And then Karen let me know I'd be having company. And then I was all nervous and intimidated because everyone else already knew Katie and Megan, and everyone else had been telling me how super awesome they both were and how they knew how to cook and play the piano and were black belts in karate and here I was... only a yellow belt.
But I opened the door and they were like, We read your blog.
And then I was like, I love you forever and infinity.
And everyone else was right, Katie and Megan are super awesome and I'm so happy to call them friends.

And I got to meet up with some e-friends too.
Kayla, who happens to be even shorter than I am. Which thrilled me so much that I promptly forgot all the short jokes that everyone is always cracking in my general direction. Hey, Kalya... how's the air down there where you are? Hardy har. Are you laughing? Bet you've never heard that one before.

Jamie, who happens to be the cutest female in the human population. And one of the sweetest. One day, Jamie, I want to spend more time with you.
Proof of her quirky, cuteness...

Jamie Lou Who, that's who.

And the other Jaime, who is a freak. A self proclaimed freak... and I happen to agree with her!
Jaime and I made friends over Napoleon Dynamite. True friendship, right from the start, man. Also, Jaime has no qualms talking about being "regular" in a fancy shmancy coffee shop.
All our hearts were knitted together as the two Jaime/Jamies discussed the diuretic and regular benefits of drinking coffee.

At camp we:
Tried beating Megan at Chinese bowling. It wasn't easy, she's the Chinese bowling queen.
Sat by the campfire and roasted stuff.
Ate food.
Played on jet skis and boats, but the water was freezing so I wimped out pretty much right away.
Made new friends.
Took a nap.
Went to town for coffee.
Rode on a bus.
Sweated a lot.
Got sand in unmentionable places.
Took cold showers. (Quickest shower I've ever taken.)
Sweated some more.
And then sweated again.

But Megan took this picture of her sister, and this is was camp was really all about...

It was an opportunity to get together with a bunch of other people, and get to know God a little better.
It was a chance to go to chapel four times over the weekend, and be encouraged, be admonished, be directed.
It was a chance to sit still at certain times of the day and read our Bibles.
It was a chance to look around at God's family, and just be thankful for the blessing of getting to be a part of it all.

Jason was our chapel speaker at camp. He said a lot of stuff. Some of which I don't remember. But two things in particular, I do remember. Because they pricked my heart, and made me realize I need to make a change in my life. 1) He said Satan will use the little familiar things to snare you, and that we need to recognize our individual snares , and 2) Ps 116:1 I love the LORD, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications.
Those two things connect for me. One of my favorite verses ever is Song of Solomon 3:4, ... but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go.
I don't want to ever let go of Him whom my soul loveth. I don't want anything between me and Him. I'm scared of it. But I've let a little thingy come between me and Him lately. Not a bad thingy, just a thingy. A little familiar snare.
The internet.
You love to hate it. Or maybe it's that you love it, but hate it. Or something.
It takes up my time. I'm always asking God to help me be a good steward of my time, but then I turn right around and waste that very time on... wait for it... Pinterest. And other stuff, but Pinterest is my main internet love.
I need to join Pinneroholics Anonymous.
I adore Pinterest. It makes me feel like I'm getting so much done. I mean, I can cook on Pinterest. And sew. And make really amazing stuff. All in my head! It's glorious!
But not really because you know what? As silly as it might sound (and I really hate to admit this), I've let the internet take over valuable God and me time. Kinda of like I've flippantly said, Oh hi God... gotta go... got things to pin, people to connect with, things to read and google, etc. You understand, right?
And you know how when God is first in your life, there's this crazy wonderful sweetness in your mouth that you just hug to yourself?
That sweetness has faded for me lately, and I've really missed it. And longed for it back. And looked around for it, and finally found it again the other day when I said, God, I'm calling Time Warner and turning the internet off. Because holy smokes, it gets more of my time than You do.
And God said, Sometimes you just make me happy.
Which made me happy too. Because it's all about me and Him and nothing else. Nothing between, nothing in the way. No matter how small and silly it might seem.

So I am, at some point in the next day or so, going to be internetless. And I'm stoked about it. And I'm hugging that sweetness in my mouth again.

So, camp was fun, and camp was a blessing.
I'm glad I got to go, and I'll be going again next year.