March 04, 2013

project thessalonica: the Lord's day

For those of you who don't know, I'm in Thessaloniki, Greece on a missions trip with Tim and Karen, Dan and Brandi Jones, and Rachel. We'll be here for two weeks helping out missionary Brent Logan and his family with... whatever they need help doing! I'm supposed to be posting these updates on the official website, Project Thessalonica, but sometimes there's a delay between my posting and the website's administrator getting the posts up. Aaaand... I know we have peeps at home waiting to hear from us so I'm posting here as well. No delays. These posts are a journal. You'll be getting as much detail as I can remember. Also, we have a friend back home, Bro. Lowell, who really, really wanted to be able to come on this trip, and has been praying for this project ever since it started. But he's really sick with cancer and wasn't able to make it. So these posts are mostly for you, Bro. Lowell! I hope you enjoy reading all about Greece! Update: project thessalonica: the day lowell went home.

We had church on Sunday. Duh. Since it's Sunday. Did you know, that in Greece, their word for Sunday actually means the Lord's day? Cool, right? I love that.

The church. It's a nice little building! And they have coffee there. I'm sold.

The littlest Logan, Lydia. She's a cutie patootie. She held the bathroom door closed for me at church when it wouldn't stay shut and I was worried about people walking in on my bidness.

The oldest and youngest Logans, Benjamin and Patootie. Stuffing their faces together. 
This one made me laugh.

Huddled around the coffee and muffins after service.

The middle Logan, Bethany. Looking all laughy and merry.

Angelo and Kayode. Hey look, Kayode is wearing a jumpah. 
Not to be confused with a sweater, man.
 It's like I'm learning a whole new language. Jumpah, rubbish bin, baklava... I've also learned how to say thank you in Greek, but I don't remember it right now. Sorry. I wouldn't spell it right even if I could remember it.

We forgot to take pictures of the guys preaching/interpreting together. So I asked them to do a little reenactment for us. They were like, What? What do we do? We don't know how.
So I was like, Just open your mouth really big and wave your arms around. It's the same thing.
So they did. 

And then they thought themselves pretty darn funny.

 That's us with Telemikos. I have no idea how to spell his name. Just go with it. 
He had a pen and paper, a map of Idaho, and a list of questions for us when he arrived at church.
Is true 95% of southern Idaho is mormon? And 8000 Indians? And is Moon Crater?
It was just like Bro. Lowell used to do when missionaries came to church! He'd ask them 95 questions so he could pray for them.

The guys did some singing after the service. Lovely! Bro. Logan and Telemikos have excellent voices. Telemikos just booms.  Angelo... well, he just sings from his heart. Bless his heart.

Case in point:

First, he pitched in from the back of the room. He's the special sounding one at the end.

Then he joined in.

Then he bowed out, scuttled off, and let the pros take over. I LOVE this video. They sound so wonderful.

And then we went and ate some more food. I think I've gained weight since I got here. All we do is eat, eat, eat. But then we do a lot of walking too. And Rachel says the walking counteracts the eating. Anyway, that's what she keeps telling herself. They have fried cheese here. Like, deep fried Feta. It's all golden and crunchy on the outside. It's the best. I'm hungry now. Bye.

All Us

P.S. The cheese is really smooth and yummy on the inside. Once you get thru the crunchy, golden part on the outside. It's yummy. It's breakfast time here. Bye.