April 29, 2013

the kids

1. Shelly text me that Lulu was getting her hair cut.
She wanted a short cut like Victoria Beckham's. Alas, said Shelly, she'd probably end up looking like something off Toddlers and Tiaras.
Anyway, the next day Shelly reported that the haircut was underway.
I asked how it was going.

Shelly: fine except for the part where lulu shaved her own dang head.


Shelly: not the whole thing. just the part up front. like where your bangs would normally be.

Me: and how did this happen?

Shelly: well she was shaving her legs and her head itched so....

Well, but of course. Haven't we all itched our head in exactly the same way at some point in our lives?

2. Jenny text me and asked if I had done the pinhole experiment with the girls in their science class. She wanted to know how it went for us.

Me: we didn't do that experiment. there were so many in the book, i had to pick and choose which ones i wanted to do.

Jenny: you didn't miss anything. it didn't work. i couldn't see anything through the pinhole.

Me: yeah well that one experiment where you burn a leaf with a magnifying glass and sun rays didn't work for us. i finally burned the leaf with a match and called it good.

Jenny: mik drew a picture of us doing the pinhole experiment. she drew me with a big question mark over my head.

I love that question mark. I love the way kids see things.

3. Lily turned five last month. She's so big now.
She told Karen, Mom... I'n not called a baby anymore. I'n five. I'n not four.
And then to the girls, Mom called me a baby, but I'n not anymore. I'n five.

I'n wish she would stay a baby.

4. Karen and Tim have been gone out of town for a few days, and I have all the girls. I took them to an open barn day on Saturday.

Molly: Sun? Will they have Mary had a little lambs at dis barn? I like Mary had a little lambs.

Lily: Sun? Why dem goats poop little blueberries?

It's true. Goat poop looks like a pile of blueberries.

She Who Does Not Eat Blueberries