February 18, 2010


Lily has two best friends.
and Stu......

She can't live without either of them.
While I can understand her fascination with Bup, I think her love affair with Stu is hilarious.
She asks for Bup first thing in the morning, last thing at bedtime, and all in between.
He's the nourishing type.

The more Bups the better.

Complaining to me and Bup.

Stu is more for fun.
She likes hanging out with him.
Watching Cinderella with Stu. She wept and wailed when I tried to take him away.

Playing in the room together. Notice she gave Stu his own toy to play with.

Cuddling up with a stuffed hippo.

And reading some books at bedtime.

If she can't find Stu for some reason, she doesn't mind hanging out with Little Stu.
Begging for bubbles.

Little Stu lending his support during potty training.

I had imaginary friends when I was a kid.
Lily doesn't have to imagine....she has Bup and Stu.