February 25, 2010


Emma is an artist in the making.
I'm biased, but she. is. good!

These two are from a couple weeks ago.
Titled, Cinderella's before and after.

Emma, very matter of fact: "This is Cinderella. You know, when she was dirty."

Emma, very excited and high-pitched: "This is Cinderella too! When she was married to the prince!"

I'm amused by Cinderella's horrified expression upon finding herself married.
This one was today's creation for her bff, Bayley.
Titled, Evel Knievel.
I'm certain Dr. Seuss would be proud of her motorcycle's paint job.

Emma, concerned for my eyesight: "It's me and Bayley riding a motorcycle. Can't you tell? I'm in the back doing a trick, hanging off the side!"

I saved the best for last.
This one was from when Karen was pregnant with Lily.
Emma was 3 yrs old, and fascinated with mommy's huge belly.
Titled, Family portrait with breasts.

We all have pregnant bellys and boobs, including Tim (the second from left).She said," Yes, he does have bubbles! I saw them, really little!"