June 08, 2010

post falls day parade

We took Best Float in the parade this past Saturday.
We passed out about 2000 gospel tracts, and probably 100 lbs of candy.
It. was. exhilarating.

The nerves beforehand.
The "this is it" when we finally started moving.
Throwing buckets and buckets of candy out to the crowds.
Hearing all the kids screaming for more.
The dentist coming along behind us passing out toothbrushes.
The smelly horses in front of us with flowers in their tails.
The Saddle Club Queen. Who wouldn't want to be her, huh?
The guy scooping horse poop who looked exactly like Sam Elliot. In the flesh.
Dan saying Sam Elliot should be scooping along behing the group of democrats following us.
Moving so fast that people were blurry.
The lady yelling that her son never got candy.
Tim's voice rising above the noise of the crowd. Because he was probably more excited than all of us put together.
Finishing fifteen minutes after the starting line.
The cop saying, "No really. That was it. You're done".

Realizing I had just had a blast....
And we handed out so many tracts.....
And we get to do it again. At every parade, all summer.

That's right folks....Best Float.

Some sinners praying for all they're worth. Tim kept telling Chris, "Brother! Crack kills!"

The good Christian family....and Jake practicing his Junior Miss wave. And Bayley mimicking him.

Hannah Banana

The bad guys. There's me freezing to death.

Tim and Aaron.
Tim was probably louder than the high school brass band. He was so excited..... "Take one!!!!! It's the best news ever!!!!! You don't want one??? Man, you're missing out!!!!"

Throwing candy to the kids. I didn't know Post Falls had so many candy-grubbing kiddos.

Melissa really got into the candy throwing thing. Look at her face!

I can't wait for the Fourth of July parade.