June 25, 2010

into everything

Karen sent these pics and messages to me just now, and you know me.....gotta blog everything.

lily got into cornstarch

in exile while we clean the huge mess

the bench is painted with it. so is her face and dress

Poor baby doll....no one loves her:)

June 21, 2010

Gobbled up and messy

I was driving in the car the other day, talking to Emma.
She told me she's not saved.
I tried to cheer her up, and told her she would be as soon as she understood things a little better.

She said, very seriously, very mournfully, " No. My drawers are all gobbled up."

"What?" I asked.

"You know. I just throw things in my drawers, they're all messy, and Moma gets mad about it."


"Maybe some day when I'm not bad anymore, and my drawers aren't all gobbled up, then I'll be saved."         
 .....and she smiled at me, thru the rear-view mirror, like the sun had just come out.

Emma, my lovey, you make me laugh.

June 16, 2010

for shelly

I want you to know:

When I was a little girl, you were like God.
I don't mean to be sacrilegious, but I thought you pretty much hung the stars and breathed life into the human race.

You liked Coke, it was suddenly my fav drink.
You hated mayo, so did I. I still hate that nasty stuff.
You and Karen wanted your hair played with, I played with yours. Sorry about that, Karen....
You got mad at me, and pretty much pulled my ear off my head, I forgave you lovingly.

Everything you did was cool.
I wanted to be you.

I wanted to read books like you. I still love to read.
You told me no one could frenchbraid like me, and I felt my heart skip around like crazy.
You were the boss, the elder sibling, the queen, and I was your most loyal, bratty subject.
I worried when you got angry with me. Remember that time you were working with Dad all day, and when you came home no one had washed the dishes for you? And I felt so sorry for you, I made a card spelling out my remorse and agony for you? I had felt like such a heel, the worst sister ever born.

Remember how much I always loved those little dried up Swiss Miss marshmallows? And how you saved all your marshmallow packets for me, and gave them to me all at once? There were probably fifty packets in that box. I adored you for that.

Remember how bad I wanted that red and white crystal bracelet from the antique store? But when I went back to get it, it was gone, and I was so disappointed? And then, four months later you gave it to me for my birthday, all sparkling with a brand new clasp? It's still my favorite bracelet.

Remember how you would come pick me up, and I would run all your errands with you and the babies? My job was to sit in the car and watch the kids while you ran in to pay the bills.

Remember when the church fell apart, and it felt like it was just us against everyone else? So we leaned on each other, and were better for it.

I depended on you.
Needed you.

Remember how Karen got married and moved away, and we didn't know what to do with ourselves? So we became best friends, and when I moved away too, I felt my heart break over leaving you behind.

I missed you when I left. I wanted to bring you guys with me.
I still miss you.
You've always held a soft spot in my heart.
I want to make you happy for always.
You don't have to cuddle with your tissue box anymore.....you can call me and cuddle with your cell phone instead:)

You are valuable to me.
I love you to pieces, dear.

Me n' you

Me n' you a few years later :}

June 12, 2010


How come girls used to look like Hollywood movie stars when they were teenagers?
How come I didn't?
How come I looked like an anorexic orphan?

Moma at 16, right before she got married.

Aunt Sandi's (Moma's sister) senior picture.

Moma's mother, Lily Anne. She's the one on the right.

June 11, 2010

dragon breath

Story of my life.
Morning breath.....all day long.
Every day.

June 08, 2010

post falls day parade

We took Best Float in the parade this past Saturday.
We passed out about 2000 gospel tracts, and probably 100 lbs of candy.
It. was. exhilarating.

The nerves beforehand.
The "this is it" when we finally started moving.
Throwing buckets and buckets of candy out to the crowds.
Hearing all the kids screaming for more.
The dentist coming along behind us passing out toothbrushes.
The smelly horses in front of us with flowers in their tails.
The Saddle Club Queen. Who wouldn't want to be her, huh?
The guy scooping horse poop who looked exactly like Sam Elliot. In the flesh.
Dan saying Sam Elliot should be scooping along behing the group of democrats following us.
Moving so fast that people were blurry.
The lady yelling that her son never got candy.
Tim's voice rising above the noise of the crowd. Because he was probably more excited than all of us put together.
Finishing fifteen minutes after the starting line.
The cop saying, "No really. That was it. You're done".

Realizing I had just had a blast....
And we handed out so many tracts.....
And we get to do it again. At every parade, all summer.

That's right folks....Best Float.

Some sinners praying for all they're worth. Tim kept telling Chris, "Brother! Crack kills!"

The good Christian family....and Jake practicing his Junior Miss wave. And Bayley mimicking him.

Hannah Banana

The bad guys. There's me freezing to death.

Tim and Aaron.
Tim was probably louder than the high school brass band. He was so excited..... "Take one!!!!! It's the best news ever!!!!! You don't want one??? Man, you're missing out!!!!"

Throwing candy to the kids. I didn't know Post Falls had so many candy-grubbing kiddos.

Melissa really got into the candy throwing thing. Look at her face!

I can't wait for the Fourth of July parade.

June 02, 2010

locked washers

Tim said if I didn't blog this, then I am a failure.

It's raining today.
I was looking around for something to do indoors at work, and was told to organize some nuts, bolts, and washers.

I kept finding these washers that were broken. They were all split on one side.
So I threw them away.
Until I noticed there were fifty thousand hundred millions of them.

Turns out they weren't broken after all.
The normal person would know these are locked washers.
Not broken washers.
No throwing away necessary.