December 06, 2011

craft diy: mostly easy peasy

I made Christmas coasters.
Coasters are what you put your cups on.
I guess some people don't like water rings left on their furniture.
I'm not one of those people. I couldn't care less.
I used to have one solitary coaster. I got tired of looking around for it every time I needed it and finding it in places like: the refrigerator, the microwave, my sock drawer, under my pillow, etc.
Geez Louise, how'd it end up places like that anyway? I threw it away.
But I saw some cute coasters on Craftgawker and had to try them out...

Cute, right?
I love them. I want some for myself. I'd hunt in the fridge for these babies anytime.
But, these particular babies are going to be someone's Christmas present.
I'm not mentioning any names though.

Then I made these and hung them in my sliding glass door...

Umm. So basically... they don't look anything like the picture that inspired me to try making them...

Photo stolen from EM Designs

Can you tell the difference? Probably not. I'll point them out for you since they're so subtle.
Their ornament is calm and classy looking. Mine are kinda like the trailer park version.
They have a glass ball with a feather in it. I have a plastic ball (Plastic is unbreakable and therefore the smarter choice for me. Also, it's cheaper and therefore the smarter choice for me.) with multiple feathers in it. They have organic twine looped on top. (Just so you know, organic twine is healthier than non-organic. Your life could depend on it.) I have non-organic glitter and bows and ribbon slathered all over mine.
And then I hung them with a tack instead of a nail. Because I am tacky and it was therefore the smarter choice for me.

And then finally, I tried this...

Photo stolen from The Cheese Thief

That is not my fingernail. Nor is it my ornament.
That fingernail and ornament belong to some really patient person who didn't mind spending half her life trying to achieve marbleized fingernails.
I love those fingernails though. And I wanted those fingernails bad. So I tried doing them. An hour later, I had five marbleized fingernails that didn't look anything like the one in the above picture.
I also had: One exploded bottle of white fingernail polish (Explosion is what happens when you decided to bang your nail polish bottle's lid against the kitchen countertop because even pliers didn't work to unscrew the dang lid. What the heck? It works when I can't get the pickle jar open.)
Nail polish on the tabletop.
Nail polish on the kitchen floor.
Nail polish on my yellow braided rug.
Nail polish on my favorite Lucky jeans.
20 used Q-tips.
13 used toothpicks.
A used up roll of paper towels.
10 used cottonballs.
An used-to-be-full-but-now-empty bottle of polish remover.
Very shiny white hands from all the exploded white polish that the nail polish remover wouldn't remove.
A very shiny white streak down my thigh from where the nail polish soaked thru my favorite Lucky jeans, thru my skin, and into my bloodstream.
A bad mood.
A headache.
A stomachache and an earache.

Anyway, now I'm too scared to try that marbleized ornament.

If you want to know how to make some super cute, super easy coasters for yourself, click here.

If you want to know how to make classy feather-in-a-ball ornaments, click here.
If you want to know how to make trailer park feather-in-a-ball ornaments: stick a bunch of feathers in a plastic ball, slather Elmer's glue all over the outside, smear it with your fingers, pour loose glitter all over the glue, check the glue every ten seconds to see if it's dry and therefore smear the glue even more, get frustrated with how long it takes to dry and try blowing on it, reapply all the glitter you just blew off, add a bow, get glue on the bow because it takes 40 hours for Elmer's to dry, watch a movie and bite your fingernails the whole time wondering if the glue is dry yet, get mad because you realize you just bit one of your five marbleized fingernails off, hang the ornaments with a tack.
Admire your handiwork.
Wonder if this is how God felt when He made the stars also.

If you want to know how to marbleized your fingernails (and ruin your favorite pair of Lucky jeans), click here.

I just love Christmas time. And I love tutorials that involve Christmas stuff.
And now, excuse me while I go google a how-to-make-your-favorite-ruined-by-nail polish-Lucky jeans-look-like-they're-supposed-to-be-that-way tutorial.
Aka, distressed jeans tutorial...