February 21, 2012

white and nerdy

I love Audrey Hepburn.
I used to be obsessed with her until I read a couple books about her life. She was kinda a brat so after reading all about her, I didn't like her for a couple years. But I got over that and loved her again. I'm wishy washy like that.
But seriously, who can't love her on Roman Holiday? Charade? My Fair Lady? Sabrina?

She's iconic. So is her hair. And I've wanted Audrey Hepburn hair since I was 12. That short pixie cut with those baby bangs.
I got the nerve to chop off all my waist length hair when I was 19. I loved it. But I've never had the nerve to do the short baby bangs.

Until Friday.

Friday, I gathered my courage and my scissors.
Friday, I stood before the bathroom mirror and prayed, God give me baby bangs.
He gave 'em to me alright.
On Friday, I clutched my newly shorn and chilly forehead and said, I curse the day I was born. I needs must text my sisters for consolation. 

After having meticulously snipped away at my bangs for half an hour, I had baby bangs.
Unfortunately, four days later, I've still got 'em.
Whereas Audrey's baby bangs look iconic, classic, and beautiful, mine just look...

... kinda white and nerdy.

I went from these bangs.

To these.

So then I went and bought this shirt at Target last night.
To go along with my new nerdy bangs.

My hair and my shirt match perfectly.

So let us come to the conclusion of the whole matter: there can only ever be one Audrey.
And I ain't her.