June 22, 2012


I think texting is like, the greatest thing ever.
My sisters text me stuff all the time.
It's my favorite.
And my favorite, favorite is when they text me stuff about the kids.

Like this...

Karen: lily just came n with her niteshirt stuck n her hair and asked, "do you think im the wedding girl?"

Karen: i was cleaning out a cabinet when molly came up to me like this and asked, "am i funny?"

Karen: note from emma to tim this morning that said..."dad i sore but i gin mis you i run a uwa" 
interpreted: dad im sorry. im gonna miss you when i run away.

Karen: talk about seeing thru rose colored glasses. leah told emma that she left her bike in the yard last night as tim was talking to me about the sprinklers going off this morn. leah was saying it with an edge off "what were you doing leaving it out there" kinda tone. emma just says cheerfully "well at least its clean now!"

Karen: lily just told me with great excitement that she just saw a peacock on our sidewalk. i asked if it was really big and she said no that it's a baby. i looked out there and it's a quail:)

(Shelly and her kids just went down to Texas to visit our brother and his family. This is what his little girl wrote to Shelly on the day of their departure.)

Shelly : mik wrote me a note when we left. it says, i'm sorry you haf to leve. i wish you woodent leve. i'm gong to mis you, wen you leve. i wish you woodent leve. we haf sosososo much fun to gether. want you to stay for 12345678910 mor days. hope you haf a saf trip back to alabamu. like i sead im going to mis sooo much.

Shelly: bubba just asked me to be quiet because his foot is asleep. he wasn't kidding either.

Shelly: marianna wrote this note to the tooth fairy today. tooth fairy was VERY generous.
Dear toothfairy, Today I lost my tooth. But the thing is I was eating a candy orange and it came out and I acsadintally swallowed my tooth with what I was eating so I was hoping you could still come and visit me.
from: Marianna

Those texts make my sunshiny day.
I just love those kids to pieces.

The Proud Auntie