October 04, 2012

sweet babies

Two of my friends, Bonnie and Talia, just had new babies.
New babies are so... new.
Little, tiny, fragile things with, apparently, giant sets of lungs that can shriek like no other.
I love them. Except for changing their diapers. I don't love that part. That's when I give them back to their mommies.

Bonnie and Malachi... (Little guy was 3 weeks early and still weighed in at almost 9lbs. Holy smokes.)

Talia and Ella Mae... (I LOVE her sweet, fuzzy hair!)

We had a double shower for them since their due dates were so close together.
The shower was supposed to be Saturday before last, and I knew I was cutting it awfully close to their due dates, but they both assured me it was fine and they never go early and if anything, they go late.
Then they both went and had their babies early.
So instead of having the shower last Saturday, I was at Talia's, watching her kids while she was at the midwife's clinic.
But it was fine. We had the shower Tuesday night instead and it was perfect.
And although I'm not a big fan of showers, I had fun planning, designating, and decorating for this one.
I had lots of help. I have to say a giant thanks to my girlfriends, Jaime and Ruth-Anna, who made fruit kabobs, Adam who made the Monte Cristo sandwiches, and Karen who made the super yummy cupcakes, and to everyone else who pitched in and made my life easier.

We had over 50 people crammed into Karen's house. (Can anyone say body heat? We had lots of that going on in Karen's living room.)
And the piles of gifts filled Karen's dining room floor to overflowing. You've never seen so many presents in one place!

I had fun, fun, fun with the decorations, and pretty much burned my fingerprints off with the hot gluing I had to do.
And I loved these free invitations that Karen found on Pinterest for me.

One of my talented friends made some photo booth props.
Funny how those things bring out the silly in you.
These pictures are my favorites. I love them.

Sweet little Ella Mae, barely a day old.

We had lots of babies at the shower. Aren't they cute?

I was so relieved the shower went off without a hitch.
And when I looked around at the 50 plus women gathered at Karen's house to show love and friendship to Bonnie and Talia, I was so happy to be a part of it that I thought I'd pop.
And those babies are the sweetest things. New life is always sweet.