October 11, 2012

thankful list

Even though it isn't Thanksgiving yet, I'm kinda feeling thanksgiving-ish already.
I like to get a head start on things like that.

1. We moved into our house last Friday! I slept there Friday night.
Then I left Saturday morning to house/dog sit, and have hardly been back to my new home since.

2. This house that I'm "sitting" has a hot tub. I want one for my birthday. (Which is December 19th, by the way. I accept cash, credit, checks, and presents.)

3. I found a recipe for pumpkin spice hot chocolate. I'm going to make it. I like pumpkin spice stuff. It's my favorite.

4. I was at work the other morning, feeling downish, and a perfect stranger came up to me and gave me a grande pumpkin spice latte. I figured that was God's way of saying, I love you. Then I wasn't downish anymore.

5. I went to a lady's farm the other day and picked a big box of purple Italian plums, and two boxes of teeny tiny, sweet red plums.
I'm going to make jam.
I'll let you know how it goes. I'm super excited to make it. Even though it involves cooking.
And there was just something wonderful about picking those plums off those sweet little trees.

6. I'm going to plant trees at my new house. I hope my landlord doesn't mind. I'm not going to ask permission. Just in case he says no.

7. I got to (sorta) pick out the new carpet for our new home (I got to tell the landlord what I wanted and he went with it.). I love it. It smells new, and looks like coffee. Which is great since I spill more coffee than I drink.

8. I get to pick out the new paint too! Yay!

9. Hawkeye asked me to marry him. Not really.

10. I don't have to shave my legs anymore since it's practically winter now. Not really.
The five o'clock shadow on my legs itches too much for me to get away with that.

11. The weather is so nice these days. I love sunshiny fall days.

12. We now have a kid's choir at church, and I get a lump in my throat every time they get up to sing.
They're so cute and sweet and good. I hope they never change.

13. I teach a Sunday school class with Rachel.
We have a 6yr old boy who loves making fart noises more than anything (Bet you've never heard The B-I-B-L-E sung in fart noises have you? Well I have.). I took his face between my hands one morning and told him to look deep into my eyes, Let there be no longer fart noises, but rather let there be silence. He looked at me and silently mouthed, Fart.
I gave up and decided to embrace the fart in him. Figuratively speaking.

14. I love Target right now. I want to marry it. That Threshold line... be still my heart. And someone gave me a Target gift card today! And Target Starbucks kiosks were having a buy one, get one free for a few days. I love free Starbucks.
Excuse me while I go marry Target.

15. We had our church's anniversary meeting Sunday-Tuesday this week.
It was so wonderful. That meeting is the highlight of my year. There's nothing like sitting in church all day, with God's people, singing our lungs out, and getting our guts preached out. Maybe that sounds crazy to you, but I love it.
And the crowning joy this year was when I was downstairs shaking out tablecloths for dinner and I heard everyone screaming and hollering and yelling upstairs, and I was like, Did Christ just return? What happened? And someone came running down saying, Did you hear? Caleb got parole! 
Most of the people at the meeting have never met Josh and Caleb, but they've all been praying for them for 9 years. So to hear that news was... beyond words. Praise God.

God is so good.

She Who's Cup Overflows. Over And Over Again.