August 30, 2013

karen's family

Karen and Tim had family pictures done again. I love these. The photographer was like, snap, snap, snap, done. I was supposed to help keep the kids in line during the photo shoot, but she was done by the time I arrived.
Look how much the girls have grown! Here's the family a couple years ago, 2011. It's kinda bittersweet. I love the stages they're in, but I miss them being little.

Molly Pop. Funny, rapscallion, rascal. Likes to go commando. 

Lily Nilly. Sweet, princess, cuddly. So very easy to make her happy.

Emma Dear. Bright, always has a plan, girly. She loves to create things.

Hannah Banana. Smiley, quick, sporty. Likes her basketball shorts and BMX bike.

Lucy Goose. Domestic, motherly, tough. Will probably have 6 kids by the time she's 14.

Leah Beah. Smart, airhead, loves to be with the grown ups. She's basically a woman.

And in just a few years, we'll be having weddings and stuff. Sigh. Sniff.

Where Does The Time Go?