August 03, 2013

selfies: i just want to be like everyone else

I have some friends on Facebook who love posting their selfies.
Karen has some friends on Instagram who also love posting their selfies.
Little do they know, their selfies are a huge source of amusement for me. Whenever I'm feeling a little depressed, I do a few things to cheer myself up: Watch Dr. Who, drink coffee, watch Psych, and look at people's selfies.
Anyway, I've really been feeling the peer pressure to be cool like everyone else, and put my bathroom mirror to it's proper use.
So I had a selfie shoot. It really boosted my self esteem.

(Disclaimer: If you are a selfie taker, please don't be offended. I'm not making fun of you. Okay... maybe a little. But, please keep taking selfies. I couldn't live without them.)

Presenting: Me In All The Classic Selfie Poses

About to kiss my shoulder. It doesn't have to make sense. 

Duck lips

Duck lips in da hood

Oh my gosh! I had no idea my cell phone was taking this!

Justin Beiber

I love this pomegranate  

Drunk in the ladies room at the club. 
(Disclaimer 2: I've never been drunk.)

Still in the ladies room at the club. 
(Disclaimer 3: Nor have I ever been in a club.)

You want me to be your baby moma. 
(Disclaimer 4: I am not related to Mr. Bean.)

I love T-rex. They're my favorite.

How I really look. Just in case you forgot.

Confession: It took me forever to take all these pictures because I was laughing so hard. I don't see how people have the time to do this on a regular basis.

Keeping Up With All The Teenagers