December 30, 2009

Church on Sunday

"This is the church....
           This is the steeple....
                    Open the doors....
                               And, here are the people!"

I knew church was a big part of our lives (duh), but today Hannah made me realize just how much our life revolves around the church.

We had just pulled into the driveway from going out to lunch when she noticed the garbage truck picking up the trash as usual. " What in the world!", she said. "Don't they know they don't have to come today?!! I guess they didn't remember there's no church tonight...."

Silly waste management! I guess they didn't pay attention to the text Tim sent out to all the church members that church services are canceled tonight due to the New Years Eve party at church tomorrow night.

Hannah Bananna

(I'm still not sure what the connection is between our trash pick-up and canceled services though)