December 04, 2009

Sister Jenny

Jenny and Mik

I got to spend the last week with Jenny and here's what i found out...

She is a loyal soul

She has a
that makes me feel like laughing back

She and I have something in common....we both snort at the end of a hard laugh

Jenny likes to make people happy
She blows her nose like a horn and Jason likes it(that sounds kinda weird, but it's true)
She wants to live for God
She is 28, but still young at heart:)

Jenny makes the best secret kiss cookies. They have dark chocolate in the middle. I like.

She hates evil
She is a good mother
She very makes Jason so, so, so, happy
She makes his eyes smile

You never have to wonder what she's feeling....her heart is on her sleeve
She is sympathetic
Very funny

Her hair looks the same when she wakes up as when she went to bed(which is so amazing! why doesn't mine do that?)

Mikenzie is Jennifer in miniature

She gets sad and frustrated, but knows how to bounce back
She knows jokes like,"Why did the turtle cross the road?....To get to the Shell station." Get it?
She is laughter on a sad day

She has been my sister for five years and I'm really glad Jason is smart enough to know a good thing when he sees one.

I love her