December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!!!

I don't like the New Year. Never have. New equals change, and I hate change.

I like old and comforting.
The familiar.

The New Year means I have to get used to writing a different year on my checks.
The New Year has mistakes not yet made, but the Old Year's mistakes have been made and overcome.
There's no telling what the New Year will bring. What if I don't like what it has to offer?
The Old Year is my's been with me for awhile.


My favorite New Year's memory is this.....

December 31, 1999
I was 16 and Gary Lutrick was preaching our New Year's service.
Y2K was emminent, and the world would soon come to an end.
I was worried about it.
At some point during the message, Bro. Lutrick said, "Ya'll all need to stop worrying about this Y2K and start worrying about Y-O-U!!!"
I admit, he had me stumped.
I turned to Mother and whispered curiously in her ear,"What's Y-O-U?"
She turned compassionate brown eyes on me and said," Sunny Jane, you really need to learn how to spell out loud."
I understandably changed the subject.

It's ten years later and I still dread the newness of the New Year.

And I still can't spell out loud.