July 01, 2010

Cherry on top

My moma stayed with me this week.
I loved having her.
Sometimes I forget what it's like having her in the house every day.

She cleans.
She sews.
She cooks.
She cleans again.
She organizes my dresser drawers because, like Emma's, mine are all gobbled up.
She runs errands for me. The bank, my car tags.....
She talks.
She listens.
She watches movies with me.
She leaves me little notes on the kitchen counter.
She kisses me goodnight.

I like her.
I also love her.

The last week has been a really good week.
Full of warm fuzzies.
It's been like a chocolatey, gooey, nutty ice cream cone on a summer day.
Every. single. day of it.

Moma was the cherry on top.