July 11, 2010


Emma Dear and Bayley Roo spent the night with me last night.
I loved hearing their little giggles coming from the other room after we went to bed.
Why is everything so exciting, and so magical to a five year old?
Their imaginations run overtime. I love it!

Bubble Queens

They went to the park in pjs, sparkley shoes, and crowns. HUGE grins from ear to ear. Some punk, bully kid came up, and was spitting at the 'dumb princesses'. They just looked at him like he was the idiot and continued playing. Nothing could dampen their happiness. I, however, couldn't let it go....I called him a fat punk. I couldn't help it. I felt kinda ashamed of myself for getting so mad at a ten year old, but then again, it was satisfying. And he was fat.

I love little girls in sponge curlers!