July 18, 2010

athletic prowess

I don't know about you, but I totally, completely suck at sports.
Any sport, anytime, anywhere.
Uncoordinated (big time). Impatient. Frustrated. Slow reflexes.Everything an athlete should avoid being.
I was on a softball team once, much to my teammates dismay. I was the #1 bench warmer.

That said, I played tennis yesterday with Adam, Heather, Leah, and Lucy.
Adam and Heather know how to play....it was my first time to ever hold a racket.
I loved it!
Who knew tennis could be so much fun???

Heather says we're the white versions of Venus and Serena. True dat, Heathah.

Look! I'm connecting with the ball!!!

Ballet? Very similar to tennis.

Heather knew all kinds of cool poses....

Adam catching a hard serve from Heather :)

I missed the ball, and mangled my thumb instead. It hurt.

Not sure...

The definition of focus.

The definition of dedication.....or commitment....or something.

Athletic prowess, oh yeah.