July 31, 2015

part 2: our epic love story

Speaking of epic, here's mine and Aaron's first selfie.

Sometimes, when you're aiming for cutest girlfriend selfie ever, your face might do a weird melty thing. 

I was 22, and Aaron was 16 when we first met. In the words of my eldest sister, Shelly: #cradlerobbin
In my defense, my man child is older now. But Aaron does sometimes refer to me as his cougar.
Me: Aaron, I love you.
Aaron: That's because you're a cougar.

Me: I am NOT eating those nasty mushrooms.
Aaron: Don't be such a cougar. Just try them.

Me: Ahh I have the worst ever headache!
Aaron: That's what you get for being a cougar.

Anyway, picking up where I left off yesterday. People asked me a lot, So how did you feel at first?
I felt awkward for a few hours until I had some time to myself to think and ask God a few questions. And then once I had things settled between me and God, I was all like:

The only issue that I was running into at that point was, how was I supposed convey all of this to Aaron now? How does one tell a guy that he, overnight, became all that she ever wanted?
I finally hit upon the perfect solution. I would flirt shamelessly with Aaron all week, and he would pick up on the hint. And then we would be married in the morning.
Sadly, no one, NO ONE, noticed my efforts the entire time that Aron was home. I asked Aaron later how he could be so dense. He said I should take a class on how to flirt for real. Rachel did notice at one point, but I'll come back to that story later.

In the meantime, I decided to enjoy Aaron's visit. It was nice that Aaron and I already knew each other pretty well. I didn't have to be anyone other than myself around him. He had already seen me without make up and in grody work clothes. He already knew what I looked like when I first woke up. He already knew I was a total grump when I'm tired or hungry. He had already heard my embarrassing horse laugh a million times. This is another thing that I've been so grateful for. Aaron was already my friend.

So I pretty much just followed Aaron around for the ten days that he was here and tried to look cute. He was in Post Falls for the first part of his visit, and then went to his parent's house in MT for the last few days. And because God obviously wanted me to marry Aaron, it just so happened that Rachel and I had already planned a visit out to Aaron's parent's house that same weekend. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

One evening, Aaron was going out to eat and to do some shopping with his brother and sister in law, and I showed up right before they left. So I meandered towards the door with them, and Lizzie was like, Hey you wanna come with? I was like, Oh I guess so, and shot out the door towards the car. But then I noticed that Aaron was taking his own car. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK. Did he not realize that I wanted to be with him? So then I was like, Oh look. You guys have a ton of stuff in your back seat, guess I'll have to ride with Aaron. And I ran to Aaron's car before anyone could say anything, and had never been so pleased with myself in my life. Aaron was also pleased with me, but I didn't know that til later.

A few days later, we all went to see a movie. I didn't get to sit by Aaron, and I'll never forgive the hoards of Hoovers who sat between us. I tried so hard to sit by him. I even volunteered to go with Aaron to save seats for everyone in the theater. But I didn't really think that one through because he sat in one seat and I had to walk eight seats down to save the rest. So everyone else sat between us. This was me that entire night:

She Who Shall Write More Later Today

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