September 09, 2010

smarty pants


Some days are just worth a big fat smile.
For no reason in particular, but just because everything feels delightful and my heart is inditing a good matter.

That was free, the real reason I'm writing is this....

It's Tuesday night.
Leah invites Jack, Mary Ann, and myself over for dinner.
Karen inserts Lily into her highchair.
Lily, as usual, turns up her nose at her bowl of chowder.
Karen, as usual, tells Lily she can't get down until every bite is eaten.
Lily proceeds to whine and find excuses for not eating....for the next hour.
We ignore her.
Suddenly, a light bulb turns on in Lily's smart, two-year-old head.
"MOMA", she shrieks loudly, "I HAVE POOP!!!!!"
Karen runs over and takes Lily out of the highchair to change her diaper.
Turns out, Lily didn't have poop, Lily didn't have to finish every bite, Lily won the war....AGAIN.
She is so danged smart.

I am convinced there has never been another two-year-old like her.