September 14, 2010

back in the day

Karen and I were texting back and forth this morning.
We were talking about little girls growing up (her's in particular), and it turned into one of those "do you remember when" conversations. Our family loves those kind of conversations. They can go on for hours. Talking about the dorky clothes we used to wear (why did Moma let us go out of the house wearing neon stirrup pants or tee shirts that would've been too big for Dad to wear?), the people we used to know, the places we used to live.
We're kinda sentimental about old times, plus, it's a good laugh.

Me: remember when i first had to wear a bra, i hated it because it itched so i walked around with it unsnapped, but then i got a spanking for being rebellious?

Karen: oh my goodness! but i have to say that you probably got a spanking because it was the last had a bad attitude about all the girl stuff.....but then, that was a rough time in your life.....

Me: lol. that's probably true
(sidenote: I really did have a hard time with all that kind of stuff. I hated growing was so embarrassing! Shaving, and all that.)

Karen: you were moody and grouchy....remember the way we fought???

Me: yes. remember when we fought over the spoon and moma was going to spank us but then the phone rang and you were like, saved by the bell! but then moma spanked us anyway?

Karen: i dooooo! jason and i had a fight over the same thing but with forks and moma bent him over and used a spatula or something little to spank him. he was a teenager:)

......such was our relationship growing up.
We all fought over the silliest things.
Who got the front seat. Who was in charge while Moma and Dad were gone. Who got to use the fat silver spoon. Who got to use the fork with the flowers on it. Who's day it was to wash the dishes. Who got to answer the phone. Who borrowed, and destroyed, each other's stuff. Who got to drive. Who got to eat the last of the ice cream. Who was staring at who. Who finished eating first. Who had to turn out the light. Who drank the last of the milk.
Some of those fights were bitter, but most ended with us laughing. I mean, we never laughed right right away, more like the next day. Lets not be unrealistic here...we were just kids after all. Sitting in the front seat when it wasn't your turn was a serious offense, and required time for one to forgive.

Funny how well we all get along now. Now that we're all grown up, and live five hundred million miles away from each other.
We loved each other, but back in the day, fighting was....kinda necessary....or something.

Shelly, Jason, me, and Karen.
One of our school pictures. I love this one.

Abi, Jacky, and me.
I love how cheesy we look....except Abi kinda looks drunk. ;)

We Are Family.